What is Autoimmune Paleo or AIP Diet?

The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet that helps heal the immune system and gut mucosa. It is applicable to any inflammatory disease.

We have a problem in this country with how we eat, treat disease and heal disease. AIP addresses inflammation in the gut that causes Autoimmune Disease. Autoimmune disease is a condition where the body cannot tell the difference between healthy tissue and foreign invaders and a hypersensitive reaction occurs. The body starts self-tissue attack. For months or perhaps years, this self-tissue attack can occur silently until full blown autoimmune disease develops. There are more than 80 types of “official” autoimmune disorders (and MANY more being discovered daily) but all autoimmune disease have in common is tissue self-attacking in places like the thyroid gland, brain tissue or salivary glands, to name a few.

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet works to reduce inflammation in the intestines. Many elimination diets are not complete enough and often do not remove immune triggers that promote inflammation in the gut. AIP works to calm inflammation in the gut and also calm inflammation in the body. And while autoimmune disease can never be cured, it can be put into remission. The AIP diet is geared toward healing the intestinal mucosa and supporting low inflammation in the body that can temper the fires of an autoimmune flare-up. First I would like to say that this is our interpretation. There is more than one interpretation of how to “follow” the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet. I call it a lifestyle because in a modified form it is how I eat and live my life. It is also how I recommend my autoimmune clients to eat in their own modified form long term as well.

The Autoimmune protocol has been said to be a version of the Paleo diet, but really, I see that it is so much more than that; it is a dramatic way to address inflammation that is driving Autoimmune Disease that has its beginning roots in the gut. Diet is one aspect of healing. And, although it is the largest aspect of long term health, in the short-term, there are other components that require the help of a skilled practitioner. I suggest you find one that is trained. I personally have a professional practice primarily around helping those on this diet as well as nutritional lab work evaluations, supplement protocols and dietary support. Please email me at info@aiplifestyle.com if you would like to set up an appointment and work together remotely. There are many divergent paths that have an overlap with the AIP lifestyle like Autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, H-P Axis imbalances, parasites, SIBO, liver congestion, hormone imbalances, insulin resistance that play a role in how you may use supplements along with the AIP diet to heal your body. Generally, I suggest a 6-8 week protocol with no cheating. When I say “no cheating”, I say this with a “pretty please”. This diet counts on you to put your effort into it, and unfortunately the nature of high allergen foods is such that even small amounts of slip-ups can set you back significantly. Each person who decides to try the AIP diet should work with their practitioner to determine if they are candidates for a low histamine, low latex and/or low FODMAP in addition to following AIP. This is where you will benefit from having an experienced, clinically seasoned practitioner to help personalize your AIP plan. Other adjunct protocols may include: functional blood chemistry, saliva hormone testing, saliva adrenal testing, stool testing and antibody tests. 

I share this all with you as an expert AIP Nutritionist. I am an authority in the AIP movement. I always recommend working with an experienced practitioner when starting AIP and getting blood work and other functional tests like adrenal/cortisol and hormone saliva tests. If you have dysglycemia, insulin resistance, anemia (not all anemias are from low iron!), intestinal or other infections like h. pylori, SIBO, h-p axis issues, adrenal dysfunction, you may not get better on the AIP diet alone. I see this quite a bit in my nutrition practice.  If you have been on the AIP diet and are not seeing results you wanted, or are looking for a heart-centered approach to autoimmune disease please contact me directly for information on how to set up an appointment with me. I primarily use Skype for both my AIP clients and The Loving Diet Program. For more information about me and working together, go to this page. 

Phase 1

6-8 Weeks

Not Allowed:

  • Nuts (including nut oils like walnut and sesame seed oils)
  • Seeds (including flax, chia, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and culinary herb seeds like cumin and coriander)
  • Beans/Legumes (this includes all beans like kidney, pinto, black as well as Soy in all its forms)
  • Grains (Corn, Wheat, Millet, Buckwheat, Rice, Sorghum, Amaranth, Rye, Spelt, Teff, Kamut, Oats etc)
  • Alternative sweeteners like xylitol, stevia, mannitol
  • Dried fruits and/or over-consumption of fructose (I recommend up to 2 pieces of fruit a day)
  • Dairy Products
  • All Processed Foods
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Eggs
  • Gums  (guar gum, Tara gum, Gellan gum, Gum Arabic)
  • Nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, paprika, mustard seeds, all chili’s including spices)
  • No vegetable oils (NOTE: olive oil, lard, palm oil, cultured grass fed ghee and coconut oils are permitted)
  • Culinary herbs from seeds (mustard, cumin, coriander, fennel, cardamom, fenugreek, caraway, nutmeg, dill seed)
  • Tapicoa. I eliminate this the first 6-8 weeks because it is a known gluten cross reactor according to Cyrex Labs Gluten Cross-Reactivity Test


  • Vegetables (except nightshades)
  • Fruits (limit to 15-20 grams fructose/day)
  • Coconut products including coconut oil, manna, creamed coconut, coconut aminos, canned coconut milk (with no additives like guar gum and carageen or bpa lined cans) shredded coconut (this list does not include coconut sugar and nectar)
  • Fats: olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, lard, bacon fat, cultured ghee (certified to be free of casein and lactose)
  • Fermented Foods (coconut yogurt, kombucha, water and coconut kefir, fermented vegetables)
  • Bone Broth
  • Grass Fed Meats, Poultry and Seafood
  • Non-Seed Herbal Teas
  • Green Tea
  • Vinegars: Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut vinegar, red wine vinegar, balsamic (that has no added sugar)
  • Sweeteners: occasional and sparse use of honey and maple syrup (1 tsp/day)
  • Herbs: all fresh and non-seed herbs are allowed (basil tarragon, thyme, mint, oregano, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, savory, edible flowers)
  • Binders: Grass Fed Gelatin and Arrowroot Starch (watch the starch however if you have adrenal issues)

Side Notes:

High FODMAPS may disagree with some on the AIP diet. For example; nectarines, coconut or onions may bother some people. Whole30’s great Paleo Low FODMAPS shopping list: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Shopping-List-FODMAP.pdf

If you are reacting to certain starches in foods, it may be a sign that high FODMAPS need to be eliminated from your diet. Also, Ashwaganda is in the nightshade family, and should be eliminated during the first phase of AIP. I find it usually well tolerated in general by most people however. If you are FODMAPS sensitive, eliminate for 10-14 days and then slowly reintroduce.

Some Great Reasons To Consider AIP:

  1. AIP (autoimmune disease) is a disease of inflammation that causes self-tissue attack
  2. Food is a powerful way to reduce inflammation and calm the immune system
  3. Diet is usually NOT enough and specific protocols of gut healing and removing SIBO and immune support supplements may be needed
  4. Food is a big component of healing. I believe our beliefs about life is the biggest way to shift the role of disease in our life however.
  5. 95% On The Diet is not on the diet. This is important for when you are starting AIP so you can properly discern what is working and what isn’t. I do not believe in failure and our mess-ups are some of the best tools of wisdom we have. If you cannot achieve 100% compliance to the diet, then take it slow, work with an understanding practitioner and know that ultimately there is not such thing as getting knocked off the path in life. You can do this. I know you can. And by ‘this’ I mean believing in yourself. Forget about right and wrong or success or failure. Do you, your path, your heart. You can’t go wrong on that path. (ps. that is part of my program called The Loving Diet™)
  6. Being 100% on the diet makes this program work and makes you a rock star. And if it takes a few try’s to get there, you are still a rock star.
  7. IN ADDITION to this protocol, some individuals have food sensitivities, which should incorporated into this diet. If you are sensitive to carrots for example, don’t eat them while on AIP.
  8. Additional Supplements are usually required in my experience to fully heal the gut. Diet is almost NEVER enough to properly heal
  9. I allow green beans, snow peas and sugar snap peas unless low FODMAPS is needed. Because green beans are not mature bean seeds, I allow them. Not everyone in the Paleo world will agree with me about that however and you may consider taking them out during Phase 1. My hard line is no mature beans seeds from the legume family
  10. Brain Chemistry and Adrenal Fatigue are likely culprits in autoimmune disease and need to be addressed. I highly recommend using a skilled practitioner who can properly survey brain and adrenal function and help you. I do not recommend the use of hormones or neurotransmitters in treating brain function (like Melatonin) and advise using caution when using precursors to neurotransmitters. It is my opinion that one cannot treat one without the other.
  11. Undiagnosed Insulin Resistant Hypoglycemia is a big factor in inflammation that can contribute greatly to autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue and brain dis-regulation. Working with a practitioner who is knowledgeable in ALL of these areas will help you improve more quickly than using 100% diet to heal autoimmune disease.

Eliminating these foods is important to reduce inflammation. All of the above listed foods can be gut irritants and exacerbate dysbiosis in the gut and contribute to SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). AIP can help address the GALT imbalances (Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue) in the intestines. Because the gut contains such a large percentage of immune system GALT tissues (70%) that mediate the T & B Lymphocytes that carry out immune system attack by producing antigens or antibodies, the goal of AIP is to reduce this from occurring. It is widely accepted that gut mediated inflammation is applicable for addressing Autoimmune Disease. Below are the studies I have found that link the gut to the immune system. I encourage you to print these articles out and bring them to your doctor.

There are a few ways to approach reintroduction.

  1. 72 Hour Rule: It takes 72 hours to produce an IgA, IgG and IgM mediated antibody symptom. It can be physical or mental in nature. Lethargy, brain fog, aching joints, rashes, stomach aches, numbness, feeling hung-over, bloating, gas, constipation, insomnia, fatigue, memory loss.
  2. Re-introduce only 1 food every 5 days and when you re-introduce the food,  eat enough of it to elicit a response. A small bite, then a few hours a spoonful and then that night a serving.
  3. Keep a food re-introduction notebook! I work with many, many people who reintroduce food after a cleanse or AIP and they have a sensitivity symptom and can’t remember what or when they did the reintroduction. Writing everything down helps a lot.

I also recommend doing yearly or twice yearly cleanses and support phases, eating fermented foods and bone broth at least 2-3 times a week in 1/2 cup portions. The reason we are compelled to share this all with you, is that food is fun. I believe you can be on the AIP diet and do as a lifestyle. You can be a foodie and do AIP. I love food too much to feel like I cannot eat foods that are satisfying, creative and exciting. Food is spiritual for me. It is my path. Helping others heal is my path. Teaching is my path. As I share my recipes with you, I eat them too. You are not alone in your path to health. We do this journey together.

There are many resources available to you beyond diet and supplements. I talk about them extensively on this blog as well as in my private practice. Looking beyond diet and supplements can be a very valuable endeavor on your path to healing. Here are a few posts to check out:

When You Don’t Get Better on The AIP Diet

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Trusting Your Life

Autoimmune Disease As Joy In Disguise

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Illness as Transformation


Other Fabulous Resources (Some are not AIP but useful for autoimmune disease):






  1. Vee S. says

    Thank you for this concise list of Not-Allowed and Allowed Foods, and the great explanation of why a person would want to follow this protocol.

    It is far superior to info I already received from my nutritionist, and will serve as a great reference for me while menu planning, plus it will come in handy during the holidays. Even though they know I have an autoimmune liver disease, my relatives often question me as to why I am so “picky” about what I can or cannot eat while following the AIP diet. I will show them this article of yours, which even includes references to back up the info given. Thanks! But I will be penciling in “eggs” and “soy” onto the article’s “Not Allowed” list, because I don’t see them there….but just mentioned as no-no’s later in your article. I need that visual reminder to steer clear of eggs.

      • Barbara alsgsn says

        Hello Jessica;
        I just ran across your website trying to figure out what to do with this paleo diet I started 2 months ago. A question. Is coffee allowed? I have lost inches but not weight. I still am experiencing depression, numbness in my hands, itching occasionally doing the usual paleo diet. Lots of meat, eggs, veggies fruit and nuts. I do feel some better, but using L-theanine for busy thoughts, melatonin at night to help me sleep. Memory is not so good, loosing my hearing slowly also. I know this diet works from reading but think I am missing something and when I ran across your site, I am thinking I may have more issues here than I realized. I use progesterone for vaginal dryness and keeping my hair. I am 79. Kind of late to be worried about my health I guess, but I do want to feel better and have some energy so I am trying to eat better. I still crave sweets and chocolate. I am going to try your recipes, they look yummy. any thought you have would help. I may need to find someone locally , someone familiar with what you are doing here.
        Best wishes, Barbara

        • says

          Hi Barbara! Yes coffee is allowed. Instant coffee however is not because it can be a high cross reactor to gluten. I caution coffee however if you have blood sugar issues, adrenal issues or know which autoimmune pathway you are dominant in. And although I say “yes it is allowed” it may not do well for you. That would be something to work with your doctor or practitioner about. They should be able to help you figure out if that is something to continue or eliminate. I wish I could give you more direction about your supplements, but again that is a practitioner question. I encourage people to ask their doctors to take a deeper look at hormone therapy (like melatonin and progesterone in your case) and if it is the right path for you. If you are having cravings, also talk to your doctor and ask them to look at your fasting blood sugar, Ha1c and LDL which can help you understand how you metabolize sugars and use insulin in your body. Thank you so much for your kind compliment about my site. I also suggest http://www.functionmedicine.org to search for a local practitioner for you. xo-jessica

          • Emily says

            Hi Jessica.
            I really like your site! Lots of great info. Do you have ideas for someone dealing with candida and autoimmune issues? I’ve been doing a leaky gut protocol for 12 weeks and inflammation is coming down. I have low progesterone. My naturopath wants me to take progesterone. I have adrenal issues/high cortisol and most likely hypothyroid even though my lab numbers fall within low end of lab range. I’ve never been told that I have insulin resistance; however, I have past diagnosis of SIBO. I am trying to eat low sugar. Going along with what you said to Barbara, I’ve cut out my 1 cup of coffee to give time for adrenals to calm down. Coffee helped my mood and energy, but then I would crash and I had read that it can trigger autoimmune response due to its crossreactivity with gluten. I have high antibodies to wheat. thanks.

          • says

            Hi Emily! Your ND should be on top of the SIBO (you can’t really progress in healing your immune system without having that healed) so they need to check to make sure that is normal. Going on progesterone is a personal decision you should make with your ND. I would base that on your level of adrenal exhaustion and also look at the other hormones and those levels. You can also go on progesterone precursors if you don’t feel comfortable on hormones (your ND should be giving you all these options btw) and your ND can very easily check for insulin resistance so ask them to. Your ND should also be able to lower your excess cortisol levels. I do work privately with folks if you are interested! You can message me at info@aiplifestyle.com hope this helps! -jessica

          • Erin says

            My nutritionist also warned me that for instant coffee some commercial dehydration processes use sesame and thus can provoke a reaction in those sensitive to sesame (and also interfere with “stage 1″ avoidance). Additionally, she informed me that, “natural flavorings,” are often made using sesame. Sesame is most certainly natural, so the label is accurate, but when avoiding it (I’m IgE allergic to it), always good to know where it lurks.

        • HelenBC says

          Hi Barbara
          Have you try using Coconut Oil for v. dryness? My friend of my, cervix and ovarian cancer survivor, swear by it. Good luck.

        • michelle varrin says

          Hi Barbara–I know you asked the question of Jessica, but this is pretty similar to my path and so I wanted to chime in. It took me a long time to figure out that I have extensive food sensitivities and that nuts and seeds (except macadamia nuts), eggs, coffee and nightshades bother me a great deal. In addition to that I have a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) that wreaks havoc. So I eat low FODMAPS as well. I have VERY few foods that I can eat, but I’m healing (SLOOOWWWLLLY) and I fully expect to reintroduce a lot at some time. Especially the high FODMAPS foods. I am completely off of hormone replacement and all of my symptoms that went along with the need for it: vaginal dryness, hot flashes, depression/anxiety, numbness. If I eat a high starch food (plantains, taro), I get anxious and hot flashy and so I think those foods are estrogenic for me. 79 is not too late!! I’ll be battling it ’til the very end myself. Good for you! hang in there.

        • says

          Honey is technically approved, but adding sugar in general to food can be problematic for some on AIP depending on what you are working on physically. I advise using it sparingly. Hope that helps -jessica

    • Lisa says

      Hi Vee,

      My oldest son has an autoimmune liver disease as well, and I was wondering if you use supplements that are herbal? His doctors advised him to steer clear of herbals until he’s in remission, but I read a lot about herbals when healing our bodies.
      We’re waiting on test results from Cyrex labs to determine what triggers and cross-reactions he has before starting the AIP (or Paleo or whatever his doctor recommends) and I’m curious if you’ve had success with the AIP?


      • says

        Hi Lisa, the supplements I use with my clients are case by case. Some have herbals in them, some do not. And I do agree with your doctors to a degree; many herbs can stimulate the immune system which can be counterproductive to the entire goal of AIP. Cyrex is great; those tests will be helpful. take care, Jessica

  2. Cynthia says

    Just found your site! I am on day 3 of an AIP diet and was thinking 30 days but based on what you are saying it looks like I need to re-evaluate that thought. I am sure I know the answer to this, but I am assuming no nut milk (i.e. almond milk) but coconut milk (without the additives) would work. One thing I am noticing is after I eat (even if everything is on the okay list) I feel a little tinge in the place I always notice inflammation. Not bad but a tinge. Is this normal? Should I not be concerned since this is only the third day? Would love your input. Thanks for the info. I will spend some time looking over everything you have here!

    • says

      Hi Cynthia! So glad you found us! Yes, you are correct; no almond milk but no additive coconut milk is great. I don’t know about the twinge feeling. But I do wonder if you would do well on some short term digestive support? If perhaps that is somehow connected to what you are feeling? I like Digest Gold by Enzymedica which is at whole foods. You take right as you start eating. Take care!

  3. Joanne Cafiero says

    I want to do this. I have already lost my colon to ulcerative colitis/crohns disease. I have a j-Pouch and I now have COPD.

    • Jerry says

      How long were you dealing with Crohn’s before you let them take your colon? My son was diagnosed with Crohn’s at 20 and at 24 they wanted to take his colon. We said NO, and did a green juice fast, then green juice and organic diet which has given him periods of remission. Still looking for answers, hopefully, we are getting some here.

      • Ginger Coleen says

        Hi Jerry – Are you familiar with Jordan Rubin who founded Garden of Life and Beyond Organic? He almost died from Crohn’s disease. It’s really quite a story if you’ve never read it. One of the things he used to recover was HSOs (homeostatic soil organisms) and I still use his probiotic that contains them because they will also destroy many internal parasites. You can search for information about him and there is a protocol of his in a book called The Maker’s Diet.

        Here is a link where I found more info for you: http://win-edge.com/JordanRubin.shtml

  4. Jamie Wagener says

    HI! Can you eat hemp seeds during phase 1? Also are green juice ok? I was hearing that they are not?? thanks!

    • says

      Hi Jamie, no seeds are on phase 1 of AIP. After you do the initial phase you can try to add them back in. Green juice is great! The issue is more of how much sugar is in the juice. All green juice like a cucumber/parsley/celery combo is fine. No fruits and I would stay away from raw goitrogens like kale juice.

    • says

      Stef, if you have no other issues (paraasites, SIBO, etc) then I like l-glutamine, liposomal turmeric and a broad probiotic with probiotic yeast sacromyces boulardi along with digestive enzymes specifically ones that increase stomach acid. If you have any kind of ulcerations in your past then the protocol would change. But, that is the “standard” for most people that I like. :-) Jessica

  5. Jenn says

    Today is day 1 of aip. I have hashimotos and I’m reading as much as I can
    About healing my gut .. I also see a kinesiologist regularly who is helping me tremendously with supplements {probiotic and immunoglobulin , yeast reduction, adrenal support, liver detox, heart and bone support} … My question is, is organic coconut flour ok to use? I’m finding that after supper I still crave dessert.. I made a coconut flour blueberry crumble …is that something I can regularly use? Also, what about baking soda? So glad I came across this site!

  6. Tanja Sofia says

    Why cannot eggs be added back in after the initial phase — I have Hashi’s & know that I am not energetically weakened by eggs…I did autoimmune paleo last year & came out of it with a coconut allergy & blood sugar issues, so I reintroduced gluten-free basmati rice & steel cut oats that are soaked for 3 days…I felt way better — what is your advice for blood sugar issues as well?

    • says

      Hi Tanja. If you know that you do fine with eggs, than try! You could start with egg yolks first. They are less allergenic than the whites. I really sympathize with your coconut sensitivity; I struggle with it myself.
      Mostly with blood sugar issues I suggest a ASI (adrenal stress index test) that many naturopaths and integrative doctors use. If you cortisol is high or low it can affect how well we regulate our blood sugar. Many of my clients I work on their adrenals, make sure they have enough starchy vegetables and eat every few hours and that can help. So when blood sugar issues are involved, I do that saliva adrenal test first. Do you have an alternative doctor you work with that could do that for you?

      • Cheryl says

        Coconut milk tears my stomach up. I wish I knew why. Even home made coconut milk will make my stomach hurt for a couple days afterward. I do have SIBO.

  7. Melissa Robyn says

    I am figuring out my next dietary changes. I have psoriasis, and have already tried paleo- which didn’t really do anything. My
    Concern is that I am breastfeeding a 10onth old( will probably bf for 2 more years), and I don’t want to decrease my milk supply or detox into my milk. When I cut out grains, etc. it is really hard for me to get the calories I need. Any thoughts?

    • says

      Hi Melissa
      You fall into a special needs category while breastfeeding. It is important that you consume enough calories like you said, which is possible on AIP if you have enough food that is varied enough. Organ meats especially. I would work with someone who can help you transition and look at your overall daily intake of micro and macro nutrients. I usually proceed cautiously with nursing mothers. Homemade coconut milk, bone broth, organ meats, starchy vegetables will all be really important to include enough quantities of while you are transitioning to AIP. But you bring up a really good point for all nursing mothers in your position to consider.

  8. Michelle says

    Hello there. I just found your site and I know I have symptoms of leaky gut, but unfortunately, on top of not being able to digest dairy, or gluten, fats make me feel ill as well as meats. So I went vegan for a while but realized that certain grains, and too many beans didn’t make me feel well either.

    I wake up with flu-like symptoms and foggy brain many mornings, and wonder if it is liver related since I had my gallbladder out a few years ago.

    I have re-considered going back to vegan, but I am unsettled over it if I might have leaky gut syndrome. How do I reconcile these issues?

    Also, I learned that too much protein and meats are bad for your bones. What are your thoughts on these two issues. I could use some real help for a change instead of confusion.

    I have no health insurance so I am trying the best that I can. I look forward to hearing from you and have been enjoying perusing your blog for the last 30 minutes.

    Thanks so much.

    • says

      Hi Michelle. It is always a person choice to decide to eat the diet that feels best for you. It sounds like you may suspect you have issues based on how you feel every morning upon waking. It seems fitting for you to find a doctor that will first address your symptoms so that you can know why you are waking up flu-like and dig a bit deeper to find the root cause. If you have leaky gut, going vegan in my own experience will make it worse. I don’t think too much protein is bad for you bones. Some people have true sensitivities to meat. Others have symptoms of such but really are experiencing that due to lack of proper digestion.
      If you can’t eat meat, I would try to figure out what that means. All meat? Or just beef? You can experiment with digestive enzymes, making bone broth to heal your gut and give yourself some time to adjust to any new diet if you decide to experiment. I would suggest giving yourself at least 3 weeks on any new eating plan to give yourself some time to adjust and see if you start improving. It would be hard to do AIP if you can not eat any meat at all. There is the option of poultry, fish and shellfish too. Hope this helps! Jessica

      • Michelle says

        I meant to reply to this earlier, but thank you! What is FODMAPS?

        I was also wondering about green smoothies. I hear it’s wonderful for digestion and energy, but whenever I try one, I feel worse. Could this also be due to a leaky gut?

          • Michelle says

            Wow! That was fast! Thank you.

            Just greens mostly with a little unsweetened applesauce since I can’t digest raw apples. It adds just enough sweetness. The greens are parsley, chard, kale, romaine lettuce, and spinach (this time)

            I get so dizzy, like the amount of greens are just too much for my system all at once if that makes any sense? Or maybe it’s a sign of my body detoxing?

            I don’t know, but if I have smaller amounts of the same veggies, especially if they are lightly cooked, I do fine.

            On a different but similar note, there is something no one has been able to answer for me in the past which elicits looks that tell me I have grown an extra head, and that is the fact that most hot herbal infusions as well as any black and green teas also make me very dizzy when I drink them. Marjoram and rosemary are actually two of the only ones I can drink in tea form if lightly prepared.

            I haven’t been able to figure this out, even though I have studied herbal medicine for 9 years, and can only ingest them through capsules, or extracts, (with the exception of a few that I can’t have no matter how I take them.) So far, no one has any answers, from doctors to fellow herbalists, to other nutritionists.

            Do you have any thoughts or insights into this weird phenomenon? At first I thought it was the tannins, but coffee has tannins in it and doesn’t do that to me.

            I am probably one of the most “unlikely” herbalists there are due to this reaction:)

          • says

            It is hard to try to crack the code on this through messages..but you could be sensitive to the raw nature of the veggies in the smoothie, or the fibers in the veggies (think FODMAPS especially if you can’t digest raw apples). I could not say about the hot herbal preparations. I would look at brain function though, or nerve sensitivity associated with the hot beverages being swallowed? Just a guess really. :-)

          • Sara says

            Michelle –
            Have you looked into a low histamine diet? I have some of the same symptoms with raw greens (depends on freshness), apples, and especially green tea (it’s like I’m tripping – lol). Check out the Low histamine Chef website – she’s helped me immensely. This website as well – just find what works for you and modify :)


    • Dave says

      Have you been diagnosed with sjorgens or other autoimmune disease I’m sure you have but just incase constant flu like symptoms is hallmark for sjorgens

  9. Angie says

    I’m curious why there’s moderation of poultry? I have endometriosis and Hashimotos and have been following Dr. Arem’s “Thyroid Solution Diet” and adding in parts of Dr. John Mathias protocol for endometriosis (no red meat, or foods containing Tyramine). I’m limited on proteins as it is so if I cut out poultry and dairy I’m not going to have many choices. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Angie
      There no moderation of poultry. I think I may have worded it incorrectly. I just added in “poultry” to the allowable list along with grass fed meats and seafood. If you are following Dr. Arem’s diet, then sounds like you would be very limited with the amount of meat-based options which I could see would be limiting like you said. Dairy is not on AIP because casein is a high cross reactor to gluten. But I eat lots of poultry in all its forms with no problems. Good luck and I appreciate you pointing that out to me in the post :-)

  10. Teresa says

    I experience fatigue and brain fog much of the time and abdominal discomfort pretty regularly. I have Celiac and (we think) PCOS and am high risk for diabetes.

    Right now I am very overwhelmed by all the options out there but this seems to be the most realistic, grounded, and well supported scientifically option that I can find. I will be taking the articles and options to my doctor tomorrow.

    I began to think that my Celiac is not as severe as many others’, but once you mentioned brain frog and memory problems…maybe that is where mine manifests itself? Also, do you think unhealthy gut flora could lead to PCOS?

    • Teresa says

      as a side note…do you have any suggestions are far as supplements to take for hormone balance and healing a leaky guy? I was thinking kefir was a good place to start, but I only have been able to get my hands on dairy kefir grains.

    • says

      Hi Teresa
      Celiac is celiac. Silent or loud. So it will contribute to your leaky gut and promote inflammation which is bad for pcos and blood sugar regulation. I would not guess with those things all happening that diet (even a great one like AIP which you should be on) will be enough. Your inflammation and blood sugar has to be under control as well as healing your gut. I think kefir would be good, but not enough. I would ask your doctor for a complete blood panel tomorrow. Here is what I would request:
      c-reative protein, homocysteine, cbc with differential, iron panel, full thyroid panel (tsh, TT3, FT3, T3 Updake, Reverse T3, TPO, Thyroglobuin antibodies, T4 TT4) Uric acid, Sed Rate) Also you may be a good candidate to have a consultation with me. I do distance appts via Skype. You can pm me at aiplifestyle@gmail.com

  11. Greta Melinchuk says

    Would you consider eczema an auto immune disorder? I’ve had it all my life, but in the past 4 years it has been really aggressive. I am 47 and I have food allergies, always have. I started an elimination diet January 6, 2014 with the guidance of a Naturopath. I was 100% compliant. I want to heal. (I lost 10 lbs in 6 days just due to inflammation) I could not string together more than 3 days of my skin calming. We did the IgG test, and identified the food allergies, which I was already eliminating. So looking at my food diary, and doing research I thought maybe it is a salisylate intolerance. So i now avoid all berries since I thought smoothies was my trigger. Still, I am struggling. Since March 1, I am not eating ANY grains. still no huge improvement. So now I’ve also started to drink Apple Cider Vinegar 3x a day, to lower my acidity level. I’m running out of ideas. I’m lost, and my skin is burning up.

    • says

      Hi Greta
      I would be able to say since I am a nutritionist, but professionally I have seen eczema both ways. Did you naturopath do a stool test on you? Or rule out SIBO? Or do a gut healing protocol, digestive support,? I found food allergy testing a bit tricky; I don’t discount it but I don’t completely rely on the results either. Which IgG test? For food allergies? I also think with skin complaints there is an emotional component..may not be the case with you of course, but it may be something to dig deeper in to. Eczema can be such a complex set of issues, so I wish I could say more here, but it would just not be complete enough. Don’t give up though!

      • Greta Melinchuk says

        No stool test, I am on a professional grade probiotic. IgG test for food allergies were positive for egg, corn, citrus, milk, wheat, spelt, rye, almond, green pepper, and I have orally allergy syndrome to northern pitted fruits :-) Despite avoiding all of these things, I’m not getting better. I have seen incremental improvements since eliminating ALL grain, and taking Apple Cider Vinegar 3x per day. I’m trying a new naturopath tomorrow, I hope she has some ideas! Despite the outcome, I feel great eating in the paleo way. My mind is clear, I feel slim, and full of energy. Thanks for listening.

        • says

          Greta, you could ask your ND for a stool test; it will look at gut function and digestive function which are both important. ACV is not my first choice..I prefer shifting alkalinity with diet (vegetables) and working on building digestive fire with specific digestive supplements. You can also have your ND test you for SIBO too, which is important, and making sure you have enough vitamin D and EFA’s. Good luck! Check in again and tell me how you are :-)

          • Emily says

            I have consistently low Vit. D. It is around 35.
            3 practitioners I see feel that I need to get my levels up by taking a Vit. D supplement (20,000 IU daily). There is a lot of controversy about whether to supplement D due to its interaction with magnesium. Curious what your thoughts are! thanks.

        • Diane says

          Greta, if you get this, I’d be interested to know if you’re doing any better now. If you didn’t eliminate grains (and gluten?) till March 1, I think it would take a long time to see results (from what I read about gluten–it takes a long time to clear from your body). Years ago I had a friend with severe eczema and I believe hers was related to her also-severe candida overgrowth. I read that’s a symptom of candida…which would also be helped by eliminating gluten.

          Anyway, I hope you are better!! Just curious as well.

  12. Anita Farrar says

    Thankyou for the invaluable article, I found it very helpful.
    I have followed the Paleo diet strictly for 5 weeks and the AIP diet for 7 days! To be honest I’m finding it very very hard. I have 2 young children too and I struggle with the food…….
    The AIP diet elimated practically everything that I enjoy eating :-( but feel I need to carry on with it to make myself feel better.
    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2000 but haven’t had a flare up in 9 years! I have an under active thyroid and 2 years ago was diagnosed with Myastheania gravis. I’m suffering at the moment with double vision and tingling limbs…………I’m 42, am an active person who loves life.
    My GP wants me to see an immunologist to see about putting me on immunosuppressants but I really don’t want to go down this route!
    Both my sister and father have rheumatoid arthritis!
    I just need help and support with what to do for the best.
    Regards xx

    • says

      Hi Anita
      I totally can understand how frustrating it can be. I find it helpful to set out a timeline; so only do AIP for example 30 days…so you know there is an end in sight. And for the 30 days try the diet with gusto. Or you can do the diet for 6 weeks and then start reintroducing foods and expand the diet to include more foods that don’t provoke an immune or physical reaction. I would take it in steps, and set up a timeline you feel you can accomplish and take it day by day. It is a hard diet. It is challenging! But, it is not a forever diet, it is a place to start that will become individualized as time goes on and you slowly reintroduce foods. I think also cooking two to three meals at a time helps, and using recipes like the ones I have here (because I too feel limited by my choices, so I create these recipes) is helpful. Hang in there! You can totally do this. xo

      • Lori says

        Jessica, with respect to reintroducing foods, I read that one food should be introduced every 5 days. I have joint pain and after doing the AIP diet for 17 days super strictly, the pain specifically in my wrists has subsided by about 85%. I want to introduce some foods back in, because I can’t be so limited anymore (it’s very hard for me, as I am eating too many bananas and avocados to fill me up). My questions are: does the 5 day rule also hold for specifically joint pain? And do I reintroduce foods or food groups? For example, can I have various kinds of nuts together, or do I need to have almonds for 5 days and then add in cashews and then separately after 10 days, another type of nut? Another example would be dairy, can I have yogurt and cheese or would it need to be yogurt for 5 days and then one type of cheese the next 5, and so on and so forth.
        Thank you in advance.

        • says

          Hi Lori! Great questions! Each food is different. So almonds are different that pecans. They can’t go in groups. Yogurt and cheese also have different levels of lactose for example in them, and different groups of bacteria which may affect how digestible they are for you, so keep those separate. So yogurt for 5 days then cheese the next 5 days. It is a total pain, but it will work out in your favor because you will really be clear about which things work and don’t. Hope that helps! Also, I notice that it is not an exact science. Almonds did not bother me for the first few months I had them back in my diet, but then they REALLY bothered me with horrible stomach pains. So, things can also shift over time depending on your immune system, stress level and illnesses. take care xo-jessica

    • says

      Karren, I have noticed chai teas seems to differ slightly on ingredients, so it would be a case by case situation to check ingredients. You could make your own with allspice, cinnamon, ginger…

      • Jessica says

        Hello! Your “Approved List” has non-seed teas. Can you provide a list of what type of teas these are? I currently drink alot of Traditional Medicinal tea – ginger, chamomile, dandelion root, raspberry leaf extract and licorice root. Are these teas ok? What would seed teas be? Thank you!

        • says

          Hi Jessica! I have not taken the time to make a list like that. I wish I had the time at this point! I wonder if other AIP website have already done that? That tea you have sounds good. Seed teas would be like fennel for instance. hope that helps! -jessica

  13. Rachel Green says

    Hi, just now looking at your web sight hoping to find a solution for food cravings and wight loss as, I am totally intolerant to sugars especially refined. What is your opinion about coffee and adrenal? I am not diabetic but pre diabetic.

  14. Kris says

    How do you feel about a product called Ultimate Meal. I need an easy portable breakfast and lunch.a. Thanks

    • says

      Hi Kris! It is not AIP-approved. So, if you are wondering if it fits into AIP, it doesn’t. However, as a nutritionist who has all kinds of clients, some of whom use Ultimate Meal and have asked me about it, I think it is a totally fine non-AIP product. I love that they say on their labels “no ingredients from China!” If you are looking for an AIP approved product, I like Clearvite-PSF from Apex Energetics which is also not 100% AIP (it has inulin and lau han), but most do well on. It is pea protein but have the lectins removed, is non-gmo and is organic. Hope that helps! jessica

  15. cyndee says

    what about hibiscus flower tea? is a flower considered a seed? i went on the no grain low carb sort of paleo and dropped some weight immediately then not much, many issues are gone but still have more belly than i should so i think i may need to try this. also coffee wasn’t on the list but i assume it’s a bean so it’s a no. also i love spice so the no chilies is gonna be awful but i’m guessing no black pepper either? and what are your top recommended fruits?

    • says

      Cyndee, I allow hibiscus flower tea. When I buy it at my local co-op, it does not have seeds in it. Coffee is something I ask my clients to remove due to it being a stimulant and affecting adrenal health, but some are fine with it, and it is instant coffee that is considered a cross-reactor to gluten and is not approved. Black pepper is not a nightshade like peppers are, so many tolerate it, but I suggest eliminating it for the first 6-8 weeks and then reintroducing it. I also think women need their thyroid properly checked to see if it contributes to the inability for weight loss. TSH and T4 alone (what doctors usually order) is not enough. Something like this kind of test is what to ask your dr. for, or test online http://thyroid.about.com/od/gettestedanddiagnosed/a/selftesting.htm

  16. Heather says

    Quick Question: I am on the autoimmune paleo diet as well. Have been on it a little over a week.

    Is Trader Joes coconut milk strawberry “Ice Cream” okay? It’s soy free, dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly?

    Also, My boyfriend and I go out a lot with his job on the weekends. I am having a hard time not having the occasional drink or 2. Is 2 drinks of a gluten free cider (Woodchuck Cider, go to their site and read about the ingredients) on the weekend okay? Is it going to hurt me bad?

    Also how about brown sugar? Or refined or unrefined cane syrup?

    • says

      Hi Heather! I don’t know what is in the trader joe’s ice cream that you are mentioning. If you want to send a link I can look at it. It probably isn’t…I do not recommend folks having any alcohol during the first 6-8 weeks of starting AIP because it can affect the adrenal glands, liver and sleep cycles. I also recommend staying away from sugar for the initial 6-8 weeks and then only sparingly using it after (like 1-2 tsp day) but yes, those are allowed. Hope that helps! You are in the toughest stage right now, so hang in there!! ox-jessica

  17. Katie says

    Thanks for the article and taking time to answer questions. I have a few questions. I am currently eating paleo. But still have lingering health issues. I always have mucus, I have digestive issues ( lbs, heartburn) sluggish thyroid, taxed adrenals, overweight, chronic yeast infections, and low blood sugar issues. I’m anemic, and have lots of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Pretty much a mess after having five children, whom I spend most of my time homeschooling, and nurturing. I have read the gut and psychology syndrome, but also I have read the work of Matt Stone particularly his book eat for heat. I notice being on the paleo diet causes my body temp to drop, and my hands and feet to get cold, Among many other things. I follow a blogger called empowered sustenance, and although she is paleo, she follows Matt’s metabolic principles. My questions are, can I get enough carbs on aip to keep my metabolism running? And I read another comment here that someone who was doing aip developed a sensitivity to coconut while doing this protocol, I thought that this diet healed the gut, so that would not happen? Will this diet address candida? And am I wrong in my thinking that aip is not for life or a lifestyle, that you should graduate into eatting from all food groups , maybe excluding grains, and obviously refined sugar ( which is not a food group)
    Thanks for your help

    • says

      Hi Katie! You bring up a lot of very important points, and valid ones too. I always think of AIP as a jumping off point for those interested. You start with the elimination diet and then slowly customize it to be your own. For instance some can reintroduce nightshades and keep them in their diet, and some cannot. Coconut is another example. In theory once once heals their gut, they may be able to reintroduce foods they were once sensitive to. But that is not always the case. It varies person to person. Yes, you can get enough carbs on AIP to keep your metabolism running, it is just a matter of mapping out your day and keeping track of the amount of starch carbohydrates. But, the list of symptoms you listed at the top of your comment may or may not be addresses fully by AIP. Because my professional healing philosophy includes the use of supplements, I would say a mixture of AIP and a specialized plan for you to help support the nutritional deficiencies stemming from your set of issues is in order. Finding a practitioner of some kind would be helpful that has a working knowledge of AIP as well as helping your with your digestive issues, adrenals, etc. I think for those with autoimmune disease, AIP can be a way of life, BUT mostly in a personalized, modified form after the initial elimination phase. So in theory it would include more foods and spices. Hope this helps! -jessica

  18. Amy says

    Hi, I get very tired after eating olives and olive oil. Perhaps a food sensitivity? I have used grape seed oil ( Grapeola brand) in my salads. I assume it is from a seed. Should I then also realize that is not AIP friendly with it being from a seed? This is overwhelming. I found out I am allergic to 37 things last summer and have been trying to make AIP work as well after 6 years of Chronic Lyme.

    • says

      Hi Amy! Sounds like you may? But I can not say for sure. I would eliminate it for a week or two and see if you feel different/better. I switched to using cultured ghee (different than ghee) which I have a post about and it has worked well for me. Maybe it is a good alternative? Tell me what happens!- jessica

  19. Eileen Forester says

    What are the consequences if you do have a cheat during phase 1 (ie small glass of wine/chocolate)

    • says

      Eileen, there is no way to know for sure what will happen if yo have those two things. It could give you a flare of your symptoms, no symptoms at all or give you completely different symptoms like a headache. Everyone is different. I wish I could be more precise about it! -jessica

  20. Sheneela says

    Thank you for such a concise article. Very well explained and so thorough. I will be starting AIP next week and am looking forward to it as I have resistant celiac and would to put it into remission. Due to several rounds of antibiotics prescribed I have now gotten oral thrush that I can’t seem to get rid of. I am currently on Nystatin, herbal antifungals and also performing coconut oil pulling daily with minimal results. How can I further modify AIP to help with Candida? Which starchy carbs and fruit may I eat? I need some form of starchy carbs to give me energy.

    • says

      Hi Sheneela! I am so sorry you have thrush. It is something you will have to work with your practitioner about; sounds like you are already implementing some great alternative techniques to help you! I would also ask your doctor to evaluate your digestive secretions, and make sure that you don’t need support with them. It could have a ripple effect to help your mouth as well. Instead of starting from the mouth (which everyone is focusing on right now) focus on the whole digestive system. Yes, I agree that many people cannot go without some amounts of starchy carbohydrates. Consider carrots, zucchini, spaghetti squash, small amounts of roasted butternut squash and see how you do. And maybe add in some lactofermented foods like sauerkraut. Hope this helps! Feel better soon!!- jessica

      • Sheneela says

        Jessica, thanks for responding so quickly :)) Would pumpkin, ripe bananas and acorn squash also be okay? And how much can I have per day? One to two cups? Quantities I am very worried about. Yes, I am currently also taking digestive enzymes, kombucha, pharmaceutical grade probiotics as well as sauerkraut and kimchi. I am trying to do it naturally but may end up needing to take Diflucan. Also, how may I contact you to set up an appointment for a consultation? Once again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your help.

        • says

          Hi Sheena! Pumpkins and acorn squash are fine, but have your serving only be 1/2 cup at any serving. You can message me directly at aiplifestyle@gmail.com to set up an appt. If you message me I will send you all of the info to set up an appt. looking forward to it! -jessica

          • Sheneela says

            Hiya! Sent you an email. Looking forward to more details. Thanks so much for your advice :))

  21. Lindsay says

    Morning – I have alopecia areata. Has this diet been known to have a positive affect on that? Any supplements that should be taken along with it? I can’t seem to find a knowledgable doctor that doesn’t just blame it on stress. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Lindsay! I cannot say here what I may recommend as I am not allowed to give out medical advice. But, lowering inflammation associated with autoimmune disease is the root of AIP and it works quite well. For some I have heard of remission from alopecia. And I have also heard of it not working. I would give it a try though! There are quite a few supplements that support lowering inflammation too! Do you have any alternative doctors/nutritionists where you live? -jessica

  22. Amy Greenwald says

    Are you familiar with oral lichen planus? Do you happen to know if it will benefit from the AIP and how to find a good practitioner in my area of Dayton? I am nor sure where you are. Thanks! Amy

    • says

      Hi Jo Ann. This is a low inflammation diet, so as long as your doctor is ok with it, then I would try it. Your doctor can keep track of your inflammatory markers via blood work and that means you can track your progress too. Autoimmune disease is a disease of inflammation, so this kind of diet may be very helpful. I cannot say in absolutes however, but have seen many many people with autoimmune disease improve on this diet. -jessica

      • Colleen says

        Hi, I also have sarcoidosis that has affected my eyes (mostly) and my lungs. I also get joint pain off and on. I went on AIP at the beginning of February. It definitely helped. Recently, I have had a lot of life stress and have drifted away from AIP a bit (mostly too much sugar and chocolate). I’m gearing up to do strict AIP again for a while. Then I will reintroduce foods more gradually and systematically. All this diet stuff is a challenge, especially when I have a full-time job and a child. I would say that the diet is definitely worth a try if you have auto-immune issues. The biggest change was in my energy level, and that is still better than it was pre-AIP.

        • says

          Hi Colleen! So glad you shared your experience and your willingness to get back to AIP to help yourself feel better. Sugar can be a tough one. But, I hope you are gentle with yourself about that..being a mom and having a full-time job IS stressful and for soooo many people sugar is a very accessible stress manager. I suggest to clients to have compassion for that part of ourselves who reaches for the sugar and chocolate and sometimes just putting that loving attention on that part of ourselves helps to lift and clear it. thanks for your comment! xo-jessica

  23. Larissa says

    On day 5 of AIP. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have noticed an increase in joint pain. Is it ‘normal’ to flare a little initially? Most practitioners recommend little to no red meat for RA? Any thoughts?

    • says

      Larissa, It is hard to say. Could be normal adjustment of you body, and it also could be a sensitivity to a food you are having on AIP. You can eliminate red meat for a few days and see if that helps. I do see red meat sensitivities, so it is not out of the question. -jessica

  24. Niko says

    Hi! Thank you so much for this website, I am so eager to begin this diet to heal my MS.

    I would like to know if goat and sheep milk products are okay to eat on the diet?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • says

      Hi Niko! So sorry, no dairy (goat, cow or sheep) are on the AIP Diet. Check out the Walh’s Protocol book too! It is similar to AIP and she is a MD herself who has MS! -jessica

  25. Patricia Hutchinson says

    I was out of the country for 4 months and returned the middle of March with diarrhea and nausea. I have been checked for a parasite and was negative. My wellness/osteopathic doctor is waiting for another stool test to come back to check for bacteria etc. I have been on the AIP diet for 6 weeks, but still experiencing, diarrhea, nausea, and weight loss. I have looked into the FODMAP diet but it seems like a contradiction to the AIP diet, I am very confused, sick and do not know what to do, any other suggestions or ideas?


    • says

      Hi Patricia! I wonder if your Osteopath is performing the GI Effects Test on you by Genova/Metametrix? That is a fabulous test that will show a lot of function in your body and then hopefully your Osteopath can course correct you. The diet alone won’t help if you have serious dysbiosis or lack of digestive function, and that test will help uncover those issues. That is why you are not improving more quickly. After you get your test back, talk to your doctor, get on a new plan and if you are still not feeling better, and if you want to get in touch with me, I may have something to add to the mix that is helpful! aiplifestyle@gmail.com -jessica

    • Jane says

      Hi Patricia
      If you haven’t been able to resolve your issues then you may want to ask your doctor to test for Blastocystis hominis and Dienetamoeba fragilis. A regular stool test and even GI Effects by Metametrix are unlikely to pick up these parasites. This is because they are only shed or pass out of the body every second day, they disintegrate and their DNA degrades soon after leaving the body. GI Effects uses fixative on the sample but only one sample is taken (or that was the case when I did it a few years ago). The test most likely to pick them up is called qPCR. It involves taking a stool sample first thing in the morning on 2 consecutive days, putting it in fixative and immediately taking it to the lab.
      I hope you don’t have these bugs because they are quite difficult to get rid of but it would certainly be better too know than not. Even if you do have one or both, anything you can do to help heal the gut will certainly help in your recovery.
      I got sick while traveling, tested negative for parasites, was diagnosed with IBS and suffered for years. I was only recently tested using qPCR and diagnosed with these parasites so I’m hoping that once I am treated it will turn things around for me.
      Good luck!

    • says

      Hi Peggy, sounds like you don’t eat turkey or pork either? I don’t think the diet is doable for you…you would have no real source of protein.

  26. Stephanie says

    I’ve been experiencing loose/watery stools since last August. I went the route of GI doc and had a scope to check for colitis, which was negative and no parasites in stool testing. I eventually at the end of 2013 went to see a naturalist. He did food allergy testing and cortisol saliva testing. My fasting cortisol was only 9 (half of what I should have in am). He explained that my adrenals have been running in fight or flight mode for so long that is what he feels is causing my GI issues. He is working on bringing my adrenals back with supplements and an herbal for loose stools. I also try to avoid the foods that were shown to have reactions on my allergy testing. He also recommended meditation twice a day to help my adrenals/cortisol levels return to normal. I was starting to improve at least 6-8 weeks ago. After beginning to improve, my children came home with a GI virus I am still suffering with trying to get back to where I was 6-8 weeks. I’m becoming disgusted with constantly loose/watery stools with at most times still undigested food particles.
    This past week at the gym I belong to, a trainer suggested I look into AIP diet to hopefully help me return to at least near normal and allow me to eat foods and have them fully digested to get the nutritional value out of them. Do you think leaning towards AIP could help?

    • says

      Stephanie, a GI bug will monkey wrench even the best laid plans. And it sounds like your naturalist practitioner can help you recover from this too? But as far as the diet goes, it is an anti-inflammatory diet which inherently helps inflammatory driven processes. You could always try the diet for a few weeks and see how you feel on it. -jessica

  27. Jaymee says

    Hi suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa, pcos, insulin resistance, and other things but I wanted to know if the grain alcohol in homeopathic meds be okay on the aip??? Today is my first day on protocol!!!

    • says

      Hi Jaymee! I would talk to your homeopath about it. I know some grain alcohols are certified gluten free. My homeopath gives me remedies with brandy instead of grain alcohol. Do you think that would be possible? I would go to your homeopath and ask them to help you find a grain-free source or give some assurance that the remedies you do have are gluten free. Take care, jessica

  28. Britni says

    Hi, I suffer from ulcerative colitis and have been seeing a holistic doctor. She put me on a diet that eliminates dairy, eggs, and gluten but I haven’t had much improvement of my symptoms. Do you think I would benefit from the aip diet? Also do you have a certain probiotic that you recommend?

    • says

      Hi Brini! Your doctor needs to take the next step and look at healing your gut. Has she done that? Gone beyond diet yet? There are other factors that limit how quickly you get better besides diet and if you are not improving on diet alone, they can help you dig deeper and find out why. I can’t say for sure if you would find improvement on AIP, but I know that many, many people do. I also do not recommend a specific probiotic in settings like this blog because there could be factors for you that would point you to one but not another. I really really love stool tests (my favorite is the GI Effects by Genova) and I wonder if you could speak to your doctor about that? Then your doctor would know the exact probiotic that would be best for you. I wish I could be more specific for you, but I think you doctor is the best person to step up and get more to the bottom of things. Let me know how things go for you! -jessica

  29. Kamelia Szarowicz says

    I have had Auto Immune Disease for a while. At age 9 I got Psoriasis, in my 30s I was diagnosed with Hypo-Thyroidism. I have been on Enbrel since 2006 for the psoriasis and moderate psoriatic arthritis. Now while on the Enbrel (which I just stopped using) I have had a full blown entire body severe psoriatic arthritis flare. I am currently taking 15 mg of meloxicam a day for the pain and inflammation.

    I went gluten free last year on the recommendation of a bio energist I was seeing, I felt much better lost some weight and things were good. I do think some hidden gluten got in my diet, but it didn’t seem too bad. I slipped alittle and allowed a few things here and there to get back in, not to mention I increased my soda pop intake and chocolate (my two mainstays when I am stressed). So now here I am in this flare.

    I am trying to get back on the right track. I pulled out my paleo books and sugar detox books. I have to stay away form the obvious: grains, eggs, nuts, seeds etc… my question is what kind of things get I eat in between meals that will stick with me? I usually have a yogurt or cheese??

    I have been also relying on this grain free bread I make from another website that is very good, but it has eggs and cashew butter in it. Both I understand are not allowed.

    I guess my questions are: Is cashew butter not allowed? ( I just bought 4 jars from Vita coast) and I can keep my meals paleo, but what about handy snacks?

    Thank you,


    • says

      HI Kamelia! I am so sorry you are in a flare right now. I think you bring up a good point, which is that this diet can be challenging. And your mention of snacks is one that a lot of people mention too. I would encourage you to consider going fully into the diet for 6-8 weeks and then introducing things like cashew butter after you have given the diet a chance. So, here are 5 great ideas for snacks that have helped me :-)
      1. apple slices with coconut butter (some call it coconut manna) you can make your own but blending 2 cups of shredded coconut with 1/3 cup coconut oil and I add a sprinkle of cinnamon too.
      2. the orange scented plantain bites http://aiplifestyle.com/orange-scented-plantain-bites/
      3. AIP Granola (and sometimes I add organic freeze dried blueberries to this!) http://aiplifestyle.com/?s=AIP+granola
      4. A slice of turkey rolled up with a pickle (buy real pickles not pickles preserved in vinegar)
      5. A tarragon turkey patty http://aiplifestyle.com/tarragon-turkey-patties/
      I know that none of these are the snacks you are used to eating. But, I want to really acknowledge your effort to get back on the right track and let you know that you are not alone in this. And to also answer your question; cashew butter is not on the diet but, it could be a food you reintroduce after you go on the elimination phase for the first to 6-8 weeks. For example, I now occasionally eat almond butter with no issues. But I waited until I had been on the diet and given my body some time to lower inflammation and heal before I attempted to reintroduce it. Hope this helps! Keep in touch and let us know how you progress :-) -jessica

      • Kamelia says

        When you say pickles wrapped in turkey, do you mean fresh pickles and nothing from a jar??
        Thank you for the advice! I will keep you up on my progress.


  30. Clarissa says

    Hi Jessica,
    I have suffered from eczema on my hands since I was a teenager& I am almost 40 now. I have never really pursued healing since it seemed like a fairly minor problem, but it flared up lately & I’m coming to the end of my rope! My husband is very skeptical of practitioners and we are on a limited budget so I have not consulted anyone in person. I have started eliminating common allergens with some improvement, but after reviewing the aip diet I wonder if many of my favorite healthy foods have been hurting me. My 16 month old son also has eczema and it kills me to see him suffer. I guess I’m wondering what supplements you might recommend.

    • says

      Hi Clarissa! I can’t really make recommendations to you here in this format, but I do know that many do very well on a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as it can be anti-inflammatory. The AIP diet is an anti-inflammatory diet in nature, so that may be helpful to you and your son. Some also do well working directly with their alternative practitioner and getting food sensitivity testing. Although I think doing an elimination diet (like AIP) and then doing your own reintroductions to see if you get a flare is a great inexpensive way to test sensitivities. Hope that helps! -jessica

  31. Clarissa says

    Sorry, one more question… I just made some bone broth with potatoes… Is it aip approved if I strain it?

    • says

      Hi Clarissa…I would say no. Even though it is strained, small amounts got in, and I think that could pose an issue. At least while you are in the beginning phases of the diet and eliminating nightshades. If you have passed that stage and are in the reintroduction stage, you may be fine with nightshades! take care-jessica

    • says

      Adam..Tapioca is on the allowed AIP list. However, I caution the regular use as it may irritate if you are sensitive to starchy carbohydrates. I recommend it in occasional AIP-approved desserts every once in a while! -jessica

  32. Emma says

    Hi Jessica. I am looking into trying this out. I have had skin issues most of my life, being excema mainly but it’s gotten worse in the last 3 years, like unbearable! Steroids, sensitisation shots and uv light therapy had been my life for the last 2 years. Finally I met a doctor who told me it was what I was eating in November last year, and she did some tests to show I was allergic to egg and dairy, highly allergic! Whilst this was a relief to have a diagnosis, and hard work to come off of, it hasn’t stopped the problem entirely. I’m slowly being taken off things, my last was nightshades, gluten, wheat and citrus and yet that isn’t seem to be helping a lot. This is why I have been looking into the autoimmune protocol. A lot of what my doctor has been working on with me is gut health but I feel like we need to just scrap everything and then add in things slowly like this program does. Anyway, I was reading above and you mentioned getting a practioner who knows how to do this kind of thing. I am not sure she does and I will ask but is there anyone you know of in Perth WA that can help me? If you had any contacts, I can’t tell you how grateful I would be. Had enough of living like this!

    Warm regards
    Emma, 21, Perth WA

    • says

      Hi Emma! I don’t know anyone in that particular area, but I will say after seeing food sensitivities in so many people, I have come to conclude the best, easiest, most accurate and cheapest way to figure out sensitivities is to do a low inflammatory diet (like AIP) for a period of time (and heal your gut at the same time) and then do reintroductions and keep close tabs on symptoms. Symptoms can manifest as physical or mental so I only recommend introducing one food every 5 days when you are going through the process..and eating that one food at least 2-3 times in the first 48 hours of the 5 day period. I have found the most accurate results are doing it yourself. take care -xo jessica

  33. Junior says

    Hi Jessica
    Thank you for all this information. You have explained the AIP briefly but more clearly that I have seen elsewhere. I hope you can provide with me some advice. I have MS and psoriasis and have been gluten and dairy free for several years now (both these food groups have always been an issue for me). I still “feel sick” however. And not improving.
    I am also vegetrian (over 25 years) and try to avoid eggs as they give me cramps. I am also breastfeeding my 2 year old approx. three times a day. Despite all this I was wondering if it was possible to follow this lifestyle whilst remaining vegetarian. I guess I should point out that I am veggie because I have never liked the taste or smell or texture of meat, and not due to ethical reasons, so it would be very difficult for me to consume meat again. Is there any way this diet can factor in a vegetrian diet? I am desperate to feel better. Please help!

    • says

      HI Junior. I do not see any way to be on AIP and be vegetarian at the same time. I just don’t know how you would meet your protein requirements each day. It is normal to have the kind of response to meat you are having after being vegetarian for so long however. It sounds like it is more a process you may have to make a decision about if you will introduce meat and then try to adjust to the taste and texture (a practitioner may be able to help you with enzymes, etc). But, I do not know of a way for this diet to factor into a vegetarian diet. I really wish I did though -jessica

  34. Sallie says

    Hola everyone. I have Sjogrens and am having a very bad flare up. I thought I was doing a good diet with going gluten free, nitrate free, dairy (Accept Greek Yogurt), nightshade free. I had a great 8 months but now am in an awful flare up and came across this site. I am going to go out today even though I don’t feel like moving and get things to eat which are on this diet. It says that coconut yogurt is okay….my problem is that I live in a village in central Mexico (Ajijic, one hour from Guadalajara) and it’s not always easy to get things. I get this Greek Yogurt and I can get coconut oil and milk. Is it okay to add the coconut oil to the Greek yogurt and eat that?
    Thank you

    • says

      Hi Sallie
      Dairy/Casein is a big cross reactor to gluten. Going dairy free is a central part of the AIP diet. Even yogurt has casein in it. I find that most coconut yogurts are filled with emulsifiers and binders that make them poor choices too. So I would recommend ditching the greek yogurt. Coconut milk is fine, but I recommend buying Natural Value brand that also has no emulsifiers like guar gum. That may be difficult to find however based on you being in central Mexico.
      Here is a link to a broader explanation of whey dairy/casein does not work on AIP diet: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24451306

      • Sallie says

        Thank you for the quick response! I will give the Greek Yogurt I just bought away. I know I am going to be very challenged finding the right foods here but will do the best I can. I guess I can add bacon fat to salads to add flavor….I assume the nitrates are okay. What do I do, just cook the bacon and get rid of the bacon and use the fat? I was thinking I could make a salad dressing of bacon fat with olive oil and vinegar and eat it on lettuce, cucumber, carrots, celery, etc.
        This is going to be a big change as I was existing on cream of buckwheat, banana, almonds, almond milk, stevia. At least I love avocado and have a tree.
        I am making my list now to go shopping. I am praying this will help bring me out of my flare up.
        Now I need ideas of meal plans. Part of the biggest problem now is that with the flare up I have no appetite and am only 100 lbs.
        thank you

        • says

          Hi Sallie
          The bacon fat will still have nitrates in it. I would just eat the bacon and fat and see how you feel. If you don’t feel good on the bacon then eliminate it. I would also be sure to check out Mickey Trescott’s book The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook which has meal plans in it. You can order it on amazon. Tell us how it goes for you!! -xo jessica

  35. Sallie says

    I can’t thank you enough for getting back so quickly. You have totally given me new hope with this diet plan. I had printed the “can have” and “don’t have” list and sent my husband out to buy things for me. the good news is that we have a chicken place where we can get free range hormone free chicken. I made Chicken breasts with Kalama olives and put bacon on top and baked. Had it with green beans and carrots. I can’t believe it by my stomach feels fine. Last night at this time I was in such pain and agony after eating the Greek Yogurt, Almond, Raspberries, blueberries with Stevia. That meal in the past never bothered me…but during this flare up it has. So I am totally committed to eating on this plan.
    Is there a place where other members blog more or share more of what works for them and not? Just looking for other support and ideas for meals and such. I will look for the book and order and see if someone who is coming to visit from the states can bring it or see if it is on Kindle which I have here.
    Thank you again.
    I am feeling so much more hopeful.

  36. Therese Duncan says

    Thank you so much for all this information. I’m starting week 5 of Phase I and have been 99.999% compliant. But was losing too much weight and lost appetite and stools became watery every day, so am eating three fruits a day for a few day (extra bananas). My symptoms are unchanged – I need 1 ibuprofen (200 mg) every eight hours, otherwise my tendons draw so tight combined with inflammation I’m hobbling in a lot of pain, mostly in chest cavity and hips. Stretching, though painful always helps. I just get tired of the pain. I have no diagnosis, no health insurance, but a chiropractor ordered a large blood panel. I have low thyroid, low vit. D, B 12 anemia, elevated sed rate. Can’t find a practitioner. Is ibuprofen ok? Is it normal to have watery stools? Thanks! Can you diagnose?

    • says

      Hi Therese! I cannot diagnose. Only a doctor can. But I would work with your chiropractor to get to the bottom of what is ailing you. I can understand your concern if you are losing too much weight. -jessica

  37. Frann says

    I have been diagnosed with Sjogren’s and another autoimmune disease. I have been on the AIP diet for about 2 and a half weeks. I was also taking supplements for healing my gut. About a week ago I began having gas and bloating which has steadily worsened. I hear so much about people really responding to this diet that I have found this very frustrating.
    Do you have any thoughts on what could be going on? Someone suggested SIBO and the thought really scares me. Frann

    • says

      Hi Frann! I would suggest working with a practitioner on this one. Someone who knows how to help your digestion. SIBO is a breath test you would take and if it is SIBO that is ailing you, if you addressed it, things would most likely vastly improve. You may also ask your doctor to do a stool test on you too. I see it as just a matter of a readjustment which is part of the process of ironing out your overall health. But bloating can be other digestive issues too, and I think getting the extra help from an alternative practitioner may be of some help to you. take care! -jessica

      • Frann says

        That is who I am currently working with–a doctor that has a traditional practice plus functional medicine. I guess my question is: Could it be that changing my diet so dramatically is what caused the change in digestion? It’s not like I was having these problems before starting the diet. Also, must you take antibiotics for SIBO? I feel a round of antibiotics 2 years ago is responsible for all the problems with autoimmune disease I have now. Frann

        • says

          Hi Frann! I do believe that a dramatic change in diet could cause changes in digestion. You are asking your body to do something different. You are asking your body to digest different foods, different amounts of food and in different ratios. As far as the SIBO, I can’t say for sure. That would be a question for your dr. But I know that SIBO can be very disruptive to overall health like a leaky faucet. It is definitely a serious question whether or not to go on antibiotics and I would call your functional medical dr. to task and ask them to help you sort out both your options and tests to help you. Hope that helps a little! -jessica

  38. Dawn says

    Hi, I have Hashimoto’s Disease and have had the right side of my thyroid removed. I’ve heard that this is a lifestyle that I will need to aquire in order to lose weight and to feel better. I notice that these lists are for Phase 1 AIP, my question is how many phases are there and what are the food lists for the other phases. thank you.

    • says

      Hi Dawn! Congratulations on finding AIP! I tend to personalize all of my clients plans, and use those instructions as a spring board for AIP. But, generally I see AIP as having 2 phases. The elimination phase and the customization phase. The first phase is the ‘strict’ phase where you adhere to the complete food list you saw listed on this site. While that is happening, I have my clients implement gut healing or other things to help move them to the next level where they start reintroductions of foods. Usually that phase is anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months. It depends on how quickly they feel better, how fast their symptoms resolve. I don’t have food lists for the reintroduction phase, because I let my clients choose what foods to reintroduce first. Some people miss seed spices, so they start there. Some miss eggs and they reintroduce that first. But, when they make food reintroductions, I tell everyone to:
      1. eat the food, two servings, twice in one day
      2. give three days to see any symptoms manifest, which can be physical or mental (brain fog, depression, anxiety, rashes, stomach aches, heartburn, lethargy etc)
      3. only reintroduce 1 food every 5 days
      4. don’t forget to keep a journal and write everything down
      Hope this helps!! -jessica

  39. Sallie says

    Hola Jessica,
    Question…this is day four for me and I have been fine up until today…today I have upset stomach and no appetite. Oh and very lose stools. Is this normal? and any suggestions. I am still so committed to beat this Sjogrens!
    Thanks for any advise.

  40. Sallie says

    Just to further my conversation, I have really bad heartburn and no appetite. I am wondering if I am reacting to the coconut. Also losing weight and that isn’t a good thing for me. I am now 101 and 5’3″ so now underweight. Is it normal to go through feeling so bad?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Sallie..You can be sensitive to coconut! I do see that. You could try to eliminate it and see if it helps your symptoms. I think heartburn and weight loss is concerning and would try to get to the bottom of it. I do not think it is “normal” to feel so bad on AIP. I would bring in a practitioner to help you sort through these things. I am so sorry you are having a bit of a hard time! I think however having help ironing out the wrinkles and getting some extra support may help though. take care -jessica

  41. Sallie says

    Thank you for responding….I am really not well and am in touch with both my autoimmune doctor and my GI doctor. Tomorrow I go in for a endoscopy and more blood work. anything you recommend I add to the blood work.

    I am still gluten free but am not able to do the full AIP now…have to just eat things that I can get down.

    • says

      Keep in mind that you hire your doctors, not the other way around. You get to ask for what you want. This is your experience, not theirs. So if they don’t answer you in a way that feels right, or helps you get better, keep searching and keep asking them to help. take care! -jessica

    • Frann says

      I, too, have Sjogren’s and at week 3 now have bloating and terrible gas. I am going to ENT on Thursday.

      • Sallie says

        Fran, I am finally coming back to life. The endoscopy showed up esophagitis, a bad case so now even more western meds but at least I can get off the couch and have actually had 4 good days and have walked my doggies their 4 miles down and up the cobblestone streets of the village I live in Mexico. Gosh, do you know of any support groups on the web where folks with Sjogren’s hang out. It would be good to compare notes. Hope you are well.

  42. kstegall says

    Would this be at all helpful for chronic uticaria? We are desperate. Non responsive to antihistamines. Next step is to use pretty powerful drugs with dangerous side effects. Going to a very qualified MD, but are willing to try anything! Not crazy about that with my daughter

    • says

      I cannot say for sure. The diet is a low inflammation diet however. You would need to consult your doctor about it specifically. I wonder if you found an alternative practitioner that could work with your daughter and your MD too? Everyone working together and try to integrate the diet too? Wish I could be of more help, but I cannot give out medical advice. -jessica

  43. Patty says

    I have just been diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis & am going to give this plan a try…It will be hard but going to do it! Thank you for all of the amazing info. I have one question for you, & that is quinoa, I am assuming that would fall under the grain category but wanted to double check as it would be a welcome addition to phase one if allowed. Thanks again.

    • says

      Hi Patty! Yes, quinoa falls under the category of a grain. Some may call it a ‘pseudo-grain’ or a ‘seed grain’ but it is not included on the AIP diet. :-)- jessica

      • Patty says

        Thank you for such a quick response, I did go & order the cookbook, but I am trying to find an organic unsweetened coconut milk that has a BPA free can & can’t seem to find any that say they are, is there a specific brand to look for?

        • says

          Hi Patty. Yes, the “Natural Value” brand coconut milk is what you want to look for. BPA free can and also no additives or emulsifiers.

  44. Tammie says

    Hi Jessica, I have M.S. and granuloma annulare…for the last 1 1/2 yrs I ate Flexitarian (vegetarian with meat once in awhile) until about 2 weeks ago. I started this diet 100%, except for coffee (I am in the process of weaning myself off) I’m thinking a few more days and I’ll be coffee free for good. I’m following the diet to the letter and the first week and a half I was very weak and hungry all the time. I now am a little weak, but still hungry all the time. The food I miss the most is “white potatoes” I think about them all the time (crave) I don’t like sweet potatoes…when can I eat them again? Also, I can feel a diff in my stomach…I feel good in there, better in years! The healing is starting, but I know it’s a process and will take some time…Thanks, Tammie

    • says

      Hi Tammie! It is a bit normal to adjust to the diet like you mentioned, but not normal if that goes on. You may need a few extra starchy carbohydrates while you are adjusting. Have you tried parsnips? Those may be a good stand in for potatoes. Also, butternut squash, roasted beets and carrots…all great starchy carbs. Keep up with the great work! Your stomach feeling good is a great sign!! take care-jessica

  45. Susie says

    Hi. Thank thank you for all the wonderful information. It is a lot you have put together. I feel though that it is too much for me to navigate on my own. Can you recommend a doctor in New York City? If possible on the upper West side? Or someone new highly recommend. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Susie! I don’t know anyone in NYC that does this kind of work. I recommend checking the Institute for Functional Medicine’s website as they have a practitioner list. But, I do work remotely with many people if that is of any interest to you. Take care- jessica

  46. says

    Hi! Thank you so much for your guidance on this website. I’ve been doing the AIP for about a week and a half. I’ve been self-diagnosing myself for a while. I’ve been gluten free for 3 years now and paleo for one year. I’ve had a myriad of issues that keeps me trying to heal myself through diet: all over body pain, fatigue, digestive issues, inability to lose weight, slow recovery from exercise or anything that tires me out (like if I’m really busy for a few days in a row). I was once diagnosed with chronic epstein barr and fibromyalgia (which the doctor wanted to put me on narcotics for, but I decided not to go the pharmaceutical route). Going gluten free definitely helped with the chronic constipation, but I was still having the other symptoms. Paleo has helped somewhat with the fatigue and pain, but I still struggle with that, which is why I’m giving the AIP a try.
    Now the question I have is: why am I not losing weight? It really is frustrating. I’ve been religious about paleo and for the last week and a half, I’ve been religious about the AIP. It’s so frustrating. I’ve looked into seeing a naturopath, but in our area, there are only naturopaths in some local spas (we live about 2 1/2 hours north of New York City) in the area and they cost thousands of dollars, which I don’t have. That’s why I’ve been working on this by myself. I suspect I have adrenal issues and hormone issues (I’m 45) and leaky gut. My regular doctor has tested me for thyroid and that comes back in normal ranges (although, my mother and her whole family are all on thyroid hormones because they were diagnosed with low thyroid hormone later in life). I do have health insurance, but it doesn’t cover any alternative medicine except for chiropracting. I’m about 80 pounds overweight. I’ve been working exercise daily into my routine, as much as possible. I try to do at least 30 minutes of walk away the pounds 5 days a week. If I do much more than that, I get extremely fatigued. I’ve been doing yoga as well, or at least stretching every day. Should I try to go to a nutritionist (which is covered by my insurance)? I have a feeling that most nutritionists wouldn’t condone the AIP diet because they’ve been so indoctrinated into the standard low fat/high fiber diet issues. If I go that route, what kind of questions do I ask them before I meet with them?
    I’ve also been trying different supplements like L-Glutamine, probiotics, oil of oregano, eleuthero, turmeric, a multi vitamin, vitamin C, and rhodiola. Should I take myself off the supplements until my 8 weeks on phase one is over?

    Sorry for the long question. :) Thanks in advance for your response.

    • says

      Hi Heather! Even if your thyroid is “normal” according to the doctor, it still may be an issue. And I find it can significantly contribute to not losing weight. I would be sure to have a complete thyroid panel (antibodies, Ft3 Ft4 T3 T4 rT3 TSH all checked) not just T4 and TSH like doctors normally do. Especially if hypothyroidism is in your family. You can do this yourself btw if you go to directlabs.com!
      Also, I do see clients and help with the exact things you mentioned. You can message me: aiplifestyle@gmail.com and I can give you more details. I would expect 99.9% of doctors, nutritionists and many ND’s are not familiar with AIP which thankfully is slowly changing. Hope this helps! -jessica

  47. Hope says

    Hi Jessica!!! Thank you for your wonderful site!!!! My question is AIP and grain alcohol found in herbal tinctures??? Ok or no?

    Thank you for your time!!

    • says

      Hi Hope! I am still making my mind up about this. For instance I took an adrenal tincture for a very long time while on AIP. And I called the company that makes it and talked to them extensively. The tincture base was grain alcohol. They said it had been triple distilled and had NO gluten in it. When I discussed this with others in the AIP world, some thought it fine to take, and others thought I should not. After that I became more aware of the whole issue and watched very carefully how I felt when I took it. (I felt fine). But, there are other tincture preservatives like brandy that you could use, but I realize you are most likely taking a tincture already bought from somewhere else, so you may not have a choice about the grain alcohol. So, to answer your question…I take it case by case. I would call the company and ask them about their distillation and are they certified gluten free? I would also talk to you and figure out your level of illness and what are the tinctures providing for your health. I think it is a gray area…but such a great point to bring up because I have thought about it a lot and many others question the same thing. -xo jessica

  48. Cat says

    Hello! I have been on the diet for three weeks today but I realizes while finding your site that I have not removed all what needed to be. I still had wine, some raw chocolate and some nightshades (tomatoes). No gluten. I have Ashimoto and adrenals fatigue.
    I am very tired. I do not see any real amelioration since the start except maybe my face swells a little less.
    What should I do?
    Thank you

    • says

      Hi Cat! I think you should keep going with enthusiasm! And give yourself a pat on the back for doing the hard work you have already done so far. The diet in the form you have done so far will still provide benefit for you, and now you can just start full steam ahead AIP! -jessica

  49. hope says

    Thank you so much for your time Jessica! I am going to pass on the tincture for now. I’m dealing with adrenal issues, hashimoto’s, SIBO, and leaky gut. I was told to try a parasite cleanse and that is the tincture that had the grain alcohol in it. I’m just going to pass on it. Do you have any insight in to parasite cleanses?

    Also, i just ordered my first bottle of fermented cod liver oil…. i also ordered the high vitamin butter oil b/c it is supposed to really enhance the efficiency or something like that. it has butter in it, but it is lactose and casein free. do you think that will be an AIP problem?? I ordered it already and it was EXPENSIVE. insight?

    Jessica, again, you are so kind to take time to answer questions. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Hope! If it is certified casein and lactose free I don’t have an issue with it. But, the parasite cleanse I do. In your list of what is ailing you, it does not sound like anyone tested you for parasites, so I would make sure you have them before you try to treat them. SIBO generally needs intervention of some kind or it is hard to heal leaky gut. And if your adrenals are out of whack (and which kind of out of whack needs to be determined) then it is very easy to deplete yourself by using ingredients in a parasite cleanse. Everything will be a process and go in stages (I am assuming you are working with a good practitioner?) and everyone’s goal should be to promote energy and not demand too much of your body while you are sorting these issues out. I hope that made sense? :-) -jessica

      • hope says

        JESSICA!!! You are amazing, thank you!!!!! I have not been tested for parasites and i can’t afford to do the official adrenal tests, but, i know that they are struggling…i used to run half marathons and i was pretty good at it and i loved it! worked out in groups and had a great time. past couple years I had no idea why i couldn’t run very far without burning out or why i couldn’t lift the weights i could lift or do the push ups or the cardio…i thought i was just getting weak. Then the dx of hashimoto’s… then the research of adrenals and it kind of like a light bulb moment for me, that THAT was the issue and it wasn’t in my ‘strength’. I’m working with a naturopath (i fired my endocrine) and she is only ok. i’ve been trying to do most things on my own and tell her about them. but, she did want to treat SIBO b/c of my symptoms and she kind of tried to fix a yeast overgrowth, but, i don’t think she did a very good job and i ended up totally overwhelmed. So, for now i’m sticking to an AIP/SIBO diet and just working on getting better from the inside out. your insights are very helpful and again i really appreciate your time! you are amazing!

        • says

          Hope, If you can find a practitioner near you that does DiagnosTech’s ASI (adrenal stress index test) then that is not very expensive. In the clinic I work at it is only $120. I think you can contact the lab and ask for practitioners near you. Especially if you ran half marathons, looking at your adrenal health is important. Also in my practice I make the distinction between brain fatigue and body fatigue (hard to tell the difference actually). Keep me in the loop about how you are doing! -jessica

  50. Lauren says

    I have to say I had a real bad day today. I have been on thyroid medication for a year and a half, I got my period two days ago (to much info, I know) and today my neck blew up and I had zero energy. All I did was sleep. I just got test results back today saying everything was good but I am obviously inflamed in some way. Please excuse me but I am totally frazzled. So my question for you is can I work to get off my medication if my levels are normal. I almost forgot to mention that I have Hashimotos. My goal is to some how cleanse my body so I am not a time bomb waiting to go off and some how transition to a diet that I won’t need to take medication with. I cant take medication my whole life, I don’t want to live like this anymore, always waiting for my 3 month dr. Apt. Because my medication ran out. Please help. :( thanks for listening ~ Lauren

    • says

      Hi Lauren! I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Hormones can be triggers for autoimmune disease symptoms. Your doctor is the only one who can get you off your medication. But, you can ask your doctor to do different things for you. Datis Kharrazian’s book is essential for understanding your thyroid, function, testing and medications. http://www.amazon.com/Still-Thyroid-Symptoms-Tests-Normal/dp/0985690402/ref=la_B002SHVHTG_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1402460214&sr=1-1

      I would start there so you can really ask your doctor for what you want. I wish it were not so common to hear the exact same thing from so many women. It is incredibly frustrating. But, keep looking and keep asking. If you get the book and read it or go to his website (google his name) check back and tell me your progress! You may just do better on a different thyroid medication…which you will have to talk to your doctor about. :-) -jessica

  51. Peta says

    Can you have raw cacao powder on the AIP? I need that warm comforting winter drink that only hot chocolate can bring :)

    • says

      Hi Peta! I would leave chocolate out, at least at first and add it back in as a reintroduction food! Some are fine with it and some are not. I list is officially as a non-aip food.

  52. E.N.P. says

    Today is my first day on the AIP diet – and so far it’s very overwhelming. I feel quite stressed, anxious, emotional and hungry… very hungry. And seriously, I keep warning my husband that I’m going to cry at any moment :(

    I’ve been Paleo for over a year now (although I did allow full fat grass fed milk, butter, cheese) and I made the decision to go Paleo just in hopes of getting myself healthier with no medical need to do so. From day 1, Paleo was easy for me… and I had no struggles, stresses or slip ups.
    However, with a recent diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease and now the medical need to drastically change my diet, I feel lost. (perhaps this is why I’m so anxious about it, since it’s no longer “my decision”).

    I just don’t know what to eat anymore – especially for breakfast and snacks. Today for bfast I had half of a sweet potato with coconut oil, cinnamon and a Tbsp of raisins along with 2 slices of bacon; a banana for a snack; and then a plain hamburger with roasted root veggies for lunch. It’s just not enough food – or it’s just not ‘filling’ food b/c I’m still hungry. I no longer have my easy go-to snacks that I did with paleo (as many contained nuts, seeds or dairy) and with limiting my fruit to 2 servings a day – ugh… I don’t know how I’m going to adjust to this.

    Sorry, I guess I don’t have a real question for you to address… like I said before, I’m just overwhelmed and can’t seem to find much relief.
    Here’s hoping things get easier week by week….

    • says

      I can understand your frustration. I would first just acknowledge that it is hard to change your diet so much and that you are doing the best you can. I tend to eat either breakfast sausage (and take my supplements and protein shake too) at breakfast.
      Also, it is very common to feel that hunger you are mentioning as you transition your body from sources of fuel. AIP is not a ketogenic diet but you are still reducing the overall amount of carbohydrates and that can affect how the brain interprets the amount of food you are getting. I would see if you can stick to AIP and also increase your fat. I highly suggest cultured ghee (different that ghee) or bacon fat or lard or coconut oil and get at least 3 tablespoons a day (but be careful to monitor digestive symptoms if you do, so maybe increase that over a few days) which will help you brain ‘feel full’. Things WILL get easier week by week and the first few weeks while you are adjusting keep things as simple as possible. That may mean you repeat food a lot, but do that knowing that you will increase variety over time and have a wider selection of foods soon! Hope that helps. Please keep us updated and check back in so we know how you are doing! -jessica

      • E.N.P. says

        Thank you Jessica – today is day 5 and I feel a little less lost as I’m finding more resources and recipes/ideas.

        That being said – I really don’t feel well. I’m run down, tired, nauseous just overall ick.
        I’m wondering if this is a somewhat normal thing – to feel worse before you feel better?

        • says

          Hi ENP! I am so sorry to hear you are feeling a bit run down! Trying to answer this question in a comment on this thread probably won’t be very useful because I imagine you have a few things going on in your body that may be giving you the symptoms, and can’t really be addressed in the causal form here. Could be just normal adjustment to the diet..could be you needing extra digestive support, could be food sensitivities…it is not unusual to feel worse before better however. I would check out Phoenix Helix’s recipe roundtable, and join the facebook page Autoimmune Recipes. There is SO much inspiration in those places as well as other folks in your shoes you can connect with. If you don’t fee better in the next few days I would talk to your doctor or alternative health care practitioner. I also work privately with Autoimmune Paleo Clients too. Hope this helps! -jessica

  53. Janelle says


    I am thinking about trying this diet, mainly to figure out what foods I could be allergic too for my skin issues and possible autoimmune issue (lupus). I see many comments about losing weight and feeling hungry. Is there a stict or recommened portion control for this diet? I didn’t see anything, but I haven’t reviewed the recipes yet.


    • says

      Hi Janelle!
      I generally do not restrict my clients from amounts of food except for starchy vegetables. I tend to keep it at no more than 1/2 cup portions a few times per day (of sweet potatoes for example). Fat I do not limit unless there is digestive distress from it, then I have my clients go on digestive support. I find it common to be more hungry at first when switching over to this diet and because it is restrictive in its nature, I don’t limit portions for the most part except for what I mentioned. Hope that helps! -jessica

  54. sonya says

    Thank you for investing your time in helping us out.

    Just wanted to know after 6-8 weeks protocol, what happens, just slowly introduce foods back in? such as grains and dairy and monitor reactions?

    Thank you

    • says

      Hi Sonya! I tell my clients to allow 5 days for each food they reintroduce.
      Here is an example:
      Eggplant Day 1:
      morning: 2 teaspoons
      lunch: 2 teaspoons
      dinner: serving size
      If you get a food reaction after the first few teaspoons, DON’T eat any more! But if you don’t notice anything, keep going.
      Once you get through a day eating the food, you WAIT for for 2 more days to see if you have a reaction. It can take 72 hours for a food sensitivity to show itself. And, it can be both physical and mental. Headaches, brain fog, dizziness, rashes, stomach aches, bloating, stiff joints, muscle pain…be a good detective and keep a journal!!
      If you don’t have any noticeable reaction after the next 2 days, then wait 2 more days and reintroduce the next food.
      I am conservative with my 5 day approach. Many nutritionists allow less time before reintroductions. But, it is such an important piece of AIP that I give plenty of time for each food to be sure you are ok with it. Hope that helps!! Don’t forget to keep a food reintroduction journal :-) -jessica

  55. Robin H says

    Do you know much about morphea or localized scleroderma? I have had a skin biopsy to tell me that I do indeed have morphea and tried a strict whole30 (did it for 6 weeks) but did not do the autoimmune protocol. I find that the morphea is still growing in several places. Would this diet be helpful for me? What other kind of doctor could I go to? I’ve been to a dermatologist, chiropractor, and gastro dr.

    • says

      Robin, I could not say if this diet would be helpful for you specifically. That would be a question for you doctor. But I do know that this diet is very anti-inflammatory and it helps lower inflammation in the body. You could always try it and see. take care, jessica

    • says

      Hi Robin,
      I have linear morphea on my leg and have had it for almost 10 years. Two pregnancies and gradually shifting my diet to real food have helped keep it from rapidly progressing but it wasn’t enough. I was beginning to feel inflammation within my leg near the site on my skin where the patches were. I decided to start AIP end of August 2014 and have been on it since then. My inflammation has significantly reduced and I no longer felt the “bad feelings” within my leg, but since it’s a skin condition, the healing works from the inside out. I do not see more patches developing but since I’ve had it diagnosed for 10 Yrs it’s hard to say what may be permanently there and what might lessen or decrease in color and size over time. Also, since linear morphea IS an autoimmune condition, theoretically AIP should help you since it treats any autoimmune condition. Hope this helps!

  56. Truth says


    I have chronic Lyme and try to follow a diet with lots of cruciferous veggies, limited fruit, low-carb, and no-alcohol or caffeine. I use lots of kefir and supplements like milk thistle to help support my liver function. Do you have any particular suggestions for someone in my situation?

    • says

      Hi Truth. I would try to find the very best doctor you can who specializes in Lyme so that they can help you keep track of how you body is managing it. Your diet sounds like it is working well for you! -jessica

    • says

      Peas in their fresh form are immature and I consider them to be though of as a gray area at first. I would eliminate them initially and add them back after a few weeks. Yellow peas or any pea in the dried form is not AIP compliant. I do however let my clients do pea protein in powder form that has had the lectins removed (the inflammatory portion). Hope this helps! -jessica

  57. Aga says

    I was wondering if you could recommend a doctor in Dallas area that can help to treat autoimmunity ?
    Thank you so much!

      • Aga says

        Thank you for your reply:) How about anyone in Texas or near by states?
        I am so desperate and have no hope to feel better and Western Medicine has failed me so much…

  58. Chantee says

    I am on day three of the AIP Diet. What additional supplements do you recommend for hoshimotos? I really appreciate your advice and love your site. Thanks again!

    • says

      Hi Chantee! I can’t recommend supplements here on this site publicly. But your alternative doctor should be able to help you with that! -jessica

  59. Marci says

    Can I have coconut yogurt with fruit for breakfast. Is there anything crunchy I could throw in there?

  60. Angela says

    Hi Jessica
    I’ve been diagnosed as coeliac last year and have been gluten-free since, but I still don’t feel great, so reading more about what else i can eliminate to figure things out. So much is making sense, muscle/bone (cant tell which) aches, new seasonal allergies, hair falling out, as well the coeliac to deal with.
    There is a big problem – i am vegetarian, always have been and always will be. Its no meat, eggs, fish and now no gluten… i’m reading things about soaking and sprouting legumes/nuts/seeds which might help the issue, would you recommend this? I just feel really helpless at the minute :(
    also on the UK National health system we are pretty limited on tests and treatments – so far i’ve only had a coeliac diagnosis, osteoporosis diagnosis, but no further tests. Do you think there are more tests i should look at having done, privately if need be?

    • says

      Hi Angela. I am really really sympathizing with your position. It is incredibly difficult. I think also it is very hard to try the AIP diet if you are a vegetarian. Soaking and sprouting legumes does not change the amount of lectins in them, only the phytates. I would ask your dr. to do a full iron panel because you are vegetarian. I wish I could say there might be an easy way to do this diet as a vegetarian…but I have not found one. I would consider easing yourself into the diet if you decide to include fish or meat of some kind. I am sending you a big amount of enthusiasm and well wishes. xo-jessica

  61. Elizabeth says

    Hi. Thanks for this info! How about frozen lima beans? Are they in the gray area like peas, green beans and snow peas?

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth!
      I don’t allow my clients lima beans..I feel that they are a bit too mature by the time they are edible. I will do a bit more research though and see if I can come up with more info…-jessica

  62. Chantee says

    I have been on the AIP for 9 days now and lost 13lbs so far! I have hypothyroidism since 3rd grade and about to do some test for possibilities of Hoshimotos. What are some questions I should be asking my dr and test should I request to have done? In addition with no other issues, what are some extra supplements I could take to support this journey? Thank you for you time, and all your hard work you provide for people like us! -Chantee

    • says

      Chantee, congratulations! I would ask your doctor to test your thyroid antibodies, and do a full thyroid panel as well as an iron panel. I can’t say what supplements here in the comment section, but I suggest Datis Kharrazian’s thyroid book (on amazon) which is amazing. take care! xxo-jessica

  63. Corey says

    I have lupus as my primary auto immune disease but I also have RA, Sjogren’s Symdrome, Fibro and Raynaud’s. About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis. I’ve been through a few rounds of chemo and now I’m on CellCept and about to start Benlysta. I’m sick of being on all these medications and am looking for more all natural life style changes to make to treat my diseases. I can not find any of the specialists in my area that your talking about to work with in this eating plan. In phase 1 are you eating meat at all?

    • says

      Hi Corey, yes on phase 1 there is meat eating. You should work with your doctor to monitor your protein intake however if you have lupus nephritis. I would print out a copy of the diet and bring it to your next appt and get the all-clear from your doctor to go on the diet. Take care, -jessica

  64. Andy says

    Very good resource, and front and foremost on a google search. I hadn’t heard of AIP until a few days ago. I’ve been gluten free for 10 years which has helped me tremendously as my health was a wreck, but I still continued to struggle with fatigue, abdominal distension, joint pain, severe food allergies (gluten of course, dairy, nuts, cruciferous veggies, beans, and god knows what else) and diagnosed-IBS.

    I’m an otherwise seemingly healthy and athletic guy in my early 40s. It’s only in the past 3 weeks that I have discovered ‘leaky gut’…and this was an accident as a nutritionist recommended L-Glutamine for my IBS. Within 3 doses (1 1/2 days) of this amino acid, my belly was flat, the IBS disappeared, and now 3 weeks into it, I appear to live a normal life that I never have before. I researched L-Glutamine and found that it healed ‘leaky gut’. This led me down the path of other natural treatment for leaky gut – and one of the items was to go off of all grain. I was already off gluten, but I have eliminated the occasional corn from my diet as well.

    RICE. This is so ubiquitous today, especially with people eating Asian cuisine avidly in cities that are multicultural. I would suggest you place RICE (under Grains) in your not-allowed list, rather than have it embedded in the comments section.

    Thanks for what you do.

  65. JoAnne Crawford says

    My daughter has Behcets. She gets mouth and body ulcers and stomach ulcers. She also has neurological symptoms, tremors, seizures and confusion. She has had meningitis because of this disease. She now has cysts on her spine. Because it is such a rare disease most Dr. Don’t no how to treat it. They want to put her on azatholprine which can cause far worse problems! We are looking for a more homeopathic approach. Would this be a good diet for her to try?

    • says

      Hi JoAnne! AIP is not so much homeopathy (a fantastic healing modality by the way, and I highly suggest it). You would need to print out the page “what is the autoimmune paleo diet” and bring it to your doctor and have them approve it before you moved forward with the diet (in my opinion). Almost all doctors have given the green light for this diet from the feedback I have gotten from my clients. I do know this diet is anti-inflammatory, so be sure to let your doctor know that. Let us know how it goes! -jessica

  66. Diane says

    No need to post this comment–I’m just offering a bit of free proofreading. =) Under your point #2, the word you want is ELICIT. “Illicit” is something else entirely.

    Great article, great site!! I’ll be back and I’ll be sharing.

    • says

      Holly, I think part of it is adjusting to a reduced amount of carbohydrates. I would keep some starchy carbohydrates in like baked sweet potatoes and butternut squash. But fat also tells the brain it is satiated so be sure you are getting enough fat in your diet too. 2-3 tablespoons a day. Watch digestion though; you may need extra help with an increase of fat in your diet. Hope that helps! -jessica

  67. Jen says

    Hi. What if someone.. Aka me..is following the AI protocol for months and still cannot lose weight. I keep gaining despite eating clean and exercising daily with yoga, weight resistance and cardio. The weight is all ony belly butt and thighs. Last year at this time in was 15 lbs less and had a four pack abs. The only thing I did this year is get a bit less sleep. Could that have caused this system downgrade: (.?

    • says

      Hi Jen…yes that happens. That is the point in time to bring in a practitioner and look more closely at your thyroid and adrenal glands. Ask your doctor for a FULL thyroid panel. If you have thyroid involvement, then any amount of exercise or low calorie diets you do most likely won’t work (in my experience)….-jessica

  68. Carolyn Todhunterc says

    Hello to you! I so enjoy reading the information you’ve offered those who’ve come to you with their questions. I too am on a journey in hopes of restoring and building my health. I see a highly esteemed intergrative doctor who has done alot of testing of hormones, gut etc. However, we are focusing mostly my fibromyalgia and detoxing the molds he has found in my body. I feel other areas of concern have gotten pushed to the side. My first visit with him cost $850.00 and each 1/2 hr I see him is another $350.00 I’m running out of $. Anyway, I’m feeling frustrated and I am very sick. In bed most the time. I’ve been ill with fibro for more than 30 yrs. I also have trygeminal neuralgia, chronic acid reflux, chronic fatigue, various sensitivities, rashes, and the newestis lichen planus pilaris(another auto-immune disorder,with frontal fibrosingalopecia. I’m loosing my hair, and apparently it is permanent. Sorry to go on and on, I’m just ffrustrated and sad amd scared! I’m frustrated that I’ve spent so much money over the years for help and gotten nowhere, and even now when the money is being paid to knowledable practioners , i still feel on my own as far as treating the whole root issues. I’m hesitant about trying yet another “answer for all things, road to optimal health” process. I’ve tried many with little if any results. So, what do I want to ask you? Well, I’m coming to the conclusion that I need to try the AIP protocol. Please tell me, have you known of anyone who’s frontal fibrosing alopecia (from lichen planus) has been resolved). Would you suggest I hire a person such as yourself to guide me through the diet and gut issue part of my recovery (since it seems when I am with my high $ doc the clock keeps ticking and we don’t seem to get deep enough into it)? I was trained as a CNC yrs 33 yrs ago, understand hidden food allergies and much of what I read about in blogs such as yours, but since being ill it has been so difficult to discern and follow an optimal individualized personal program. My brain is mush and I have so little energy. I’m at the point that I’m standing on a tightrope, tip one way and I’ll “buck up” with some good guidance and support, fall the other and I could just give up and consider the unthinkable. 30plus yrs is a long time to be sick, keep up the hope, try something new, fail, try again, spend untold money to practioners amd even doctors who say they have the answer and when it fails they say it’s not their protocol but they you must not want to get well, keep trying and researching and trying again. I’m about done, but inside there remains a glimmer of hope, of faith that says maybe this will help…I am going to be 60 next month. The first time I went to an alternative doctor with extreme pain and fatigue was actually, as I count back, 34 yrs ago.

    • says

      Hi Carolyn. You have a lot happening. And it has been happening for a long time. I truly think you can do this however. And yes, I would try the AIP diet because what do you have to lose? It may be the least amount you have spent on your health so far. I would buy Mickey Trescott’s book The Autoimmune Paleo diet on Amazon and start there. If you would like to PM me, I can help with getting you in touch with someone who can help clinically as well. info@aiplifestyle.com Also, I would get on fb and join some pages where you can get some support from others like yourself who are trying to navigate this as well. You can do this. You can. I know it. -jessica

  69. Carolyn Todhunterc says

    This is a p.s. to the last comment, in case it is of importance to giving you insight into my issues. I also have ADD without hyperactivity, hypo thyroid, hypo-glycemia, low adrenal function, anxiety, depression and PTSD, chemical sensitivities, chronic nausea, ESP. In the morning and of course constant head to toe full body pain.

  70. Jaime says

    Hello! Thanks so much for all of your helpful lists and answered questions! I am currently trying to learn as much as I can about the AIP diet as my girlfriend has Hashimoto’s and has been having a rough time letting go of all the foods she grew up with and loves. We’ve already made our kitchen gluten-free, but haven’t seen any differences, which is what led me to information about the AIP diet. In my support of her, I have been eating the same things and will continue to do so as we start this new diet. If I do not have an autoimmune disease, is it okay for me to still go the AIP way? Will I need to supplement in any way?

    • says

      That would be mostly a question for your doctor. But, most do well and fine on AIP even if they don’t have an autoimmune disease. I am a believer in supplements when needed, but it is not always the case. I take that question person by person, so could not say here in this setting. Wishing you luck as well to your girlfriend embarking on AIP!! -jessica

  71. Lori says

    I was diagnosed with MS and was recommended your diet from a former MS patient who is no longer on his MS mwds because he is better. I would really like the opportunity to talk with you about this to find out what I must do to get in your practice or if you may have leads to someone who can help me in Midland Tx. I watched this disease take my mother and it is possible that it could be trying to get one of my daughters so I need to see what will work for me and maybe I can help my daughters as well. Please help me because I do not want to have the same fate to happen to me nor my daughters. I watched her decline so much and stood helpless. She was gone by 45 and I am not too much older than that. All of the MS meds I have had bad effects with and I believe that God has put this in my path. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE TO CALL, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! Lack of funds keeps me forever pited against myself. I do plan to try to start phase 1 as soon as I can

  72. Christine says

    So thankful for your site! My naturopath suspects I may have an autoimmune disease (high TSH, very low DHEA, constantly dry eyes/mouth). I’m going to follow the AIP for 6-8 weeks. Just a few questions:

    -I have an all-purpose cricket flour that includes crickets, coconut flour, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum. Would this be allowed?
    -Is there any type of alcohol (or even marijuana) that is permitted on the diet?
    -In terms of avoiding foods, how nit picky should I be? Should I avoid gluten as though I were a celiac (ex if a salad has croutons on it, can I pick off the croutons and eat it or should I avoid it all together)??

    Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hi Christine! I don’t allow xantham gum for my clients on AIP. Nor alcohol or marijuana. But, I would try AIP for 6-8 weeks and see if you feel improvement. You should be as nit-picky as you can for the first 6-8 weeks to lower inflammation as quickly as possible. Hope that helps :-) -jessica

      • Christine says

        Thanks so much – that is helpful. I just made your BBQ chicken, nectarine/basil/cucumber salad, and raspberry thumbprint cookies. So delicious! And I bought stuff to make your breakfast porridge, plantain snacks, blueberry maple sausages, beet salad and salmon burgers.

        • says

          Oh my gosh! I am clearly at the wrong house this weekend! :-) so happy you are finding them useful! Those blueberry sausages are my favorite of the bunch! xoxo-jessica

  73. Rachel says

    I have my second bout of guttate psoriasis and researching it, it seems that psoriasis is an autoimmune condition … I am particularly concerned about it’s comorbidity with lymphoma style cancers as that is how my Dad passed away … so I am really keen to try anything that may help heal and may help prevent cancer later in life … I do have IBS so would have to follow the low FODMAP version of AIP, is this doable without being hungry and with having a busy work / family schedule … I did try a similar diet for just a few weeks last year at the recommendation of my naturopath for digestive issues (pain every night and a tendency to constipation), but there wasn’t any improvement, would you say it’s because I didn’t try it for long enough? Thank you so much for your wonderful site :-)

    • says

      Rachel..I could not say exactly why. But lack of improvement can be caused by a wrong combination of supplements, or not treating the deeper issue like an undiagnosed gut infection or the wrong diet. I could not say why here in this comment thread but I would go back to your ND and ask them…-jessica :-)

  74. Siena says

    Hi Jessica,

    I was diagnosed with SIBO (methan producing bacteria specifically) 3 months ago and have been on a highly restrictive version of the FODMAP diet ever since. I went on 3 rounds of herbs to try and get rid of it and many of my symptoms (bloating, gas, constipation, and discompfort) have improved but not gone away. I feel that there has to be something else I can do with my diet and that there are probably other issues going on with my gut. Leaky gut really rung a bell for me and AIP seemed liked the best route to go.
    I am considering the AIP diet because if I am correct, it can help with leaky gut; however, I am at a bit of a loss as how to sufficiently feed myself because my SIBO/FODMAP needs require that I cut out additional foods. Most significantly, I cannot have any cruciferous vegetables or starchy vegetables, which leaves me with carrot, cucumber, and small servings of spinach (15 leaves), squash (1/2c), and green beans. (10)
    Is there anywhere in the AIP diet where I can add back in foods?
    From what I understand about the issues with eggs and nuts/seeds:
    could nuts or seeds be an acceptable change if sprouted?
    egg yolks alone?

    What about white rice since it does not ferment and is digested higher up in the digestive system? This was the only grain I was allowed to add back in my fodmap protocol.

    thank you!

    • says

      Hi Siena! Trying to get rid of SIBO naturally sometimes works and sometimes does not. You will have to either re-test or wait longer for symptoms to go down. I am not a fan of antibiotics, but in the case of SIBO sometimes I have found that is the only way to get rid of it. As far as the diet, yes the FODMAPS diet is very, very restrictive, and I usually only recommend that diet for about 2 weeks before you start adding things back in. You could ask your doctor to do array 4 of Cyrex test for cross reactivity to see if you are sensitive to the gluten cross reactors and find out if you can tolerate some non-AIP foods like eggs before you just completely eliminate them. This would be a case where working closely with a practitioner who can modify AIP for you may help. I did not catch from your message if you have an autoimmune disease? If you do not, it may be easier to do a personalized AIP-like diet that has some things like rice that you can keep in since you are doing such a restrictive diet along with it like FODMAP. Hope that helps! -jessica

  75. Nadia says

    Hi !
    I’m following the AIP diet since June and suffer from Hashimoto’s disease. But here in France, I struggle to find AIP friendly thyroid medication. I only have the choice between Levothyroxine (which contains lactose and corn starch) and L-thyroxine (made of alcohol and hydrogenated polyoxyethylene castor oil : I read that this last ingredients may cause stomach upset or diarrhea…) So what should I do ? I have an appointment with an integrative doctor in December abroad, but for now I have to take something between those two medication, I don’t have any other possibility… which is the less harmful of the two ? :( Thanks.

    • says

      Nadia, perhaps the doctor there could prescribe a compounded thyroid medication (made at the pharmacy just for you). Or you could stock up while you are abroad? Good luck! -jessica

  76. Sasha says

    Thanks so much Jessica for all the time you are spending in this ongoing dialogue with everyone!

    I am writing to ask about specific modifications of the AIP for endometriosis. I am new to AIP, just ordered Mickey’s book and am getting ready to dive in. I am concerned about the red meat and pork, which are both common foods on the AIP diet but are often foods to avoid for women with Endo. Do you have an opinion on this, or a source for further information?

    Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts….

    • says

      Sasha, it may very well be the case for you. I would ask your doctor to look for inflammatory markers related to that. I would keep going like you are to modify AIP for you now, before you get into it and create the plan best for you. I don’t have further information about it because with my clients I do everything (mostly) on a case by case, lab work by lab work basis. If I find anything specific I will post it here for you :-) -jessica

  77. Kimberly says

    Thanks for this clear, simple description of AIP. This makes it so easy to share with others. I do have one question — for those who made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery back in the early 2000’s (well over 10 years ago, might have made a different decision with different information available, but that’s water under the bridge) — are digestive enzymes appropriate?

    • says

      Hi Kimberly! That would be a question for your practitioner or nutritionist. But, I will tell you that many people benefit from them! Sorry I can’t be more specific here on the website. xo -jessica

  78. Anne says

    We have been doing AIP for a bit but I apparently MISSED this phase 1 concept! Lol! And just realized something my son loves has potato starch in it!! Argh! Revamping that! I wondered is cocoa powder illegal since chocolate is?


  79. Samantha says

    Hi Jessica! I also thought Maple Sugar was not allowed only Maple Syrup, but I see Maple Sugar in the Rasberry Thumbprint Cookies recipe. If I am on the 45 days intensive cleanse, should I be eating the Maple Sugar? Much Thanks!!!

  80. Theresa Graham says

    It has been really helpful reading about the AIP diet. I have had a pain on my right side for almost 4 years now. Prior to that, I have been bothered with what I was thinking was sinus issues and constipation. I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome about 2 years ago. Currently, my nose runs constantly when I wake up in the mornings, still have the pain on my right side (abdominal area), and still experience constipation. Do you think my symptoms could point to food sensitivities? Are there any tests that will show this or is it just a matter of starting with the AIP diet? My son was diadgnosed with food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs) at 2 years old and still suffers with eczema. I don’t really notice symptoms when I eat those foods, but those were some of the foods that I would constantly eat. Now I wonder if I might also be sensitive to those foods.

    • says

      You symptoms could be food sensitivities. Just keep in mind if you have not eaten the foods for a while and you get tested, you won’t show a positive antibody so would be potentially false negative. You could just start AIP and see how you feel..that may be your easiest option. -jessica

  81. Julia says

    I am doing aip and low fodmap diet plus no fruit. So for veggies I’m getting 6 cups spinach 3 cups spring mix and 1-2 cup kale daily. To get nutrients. To get enough calories I have to eat a lot of protein so example I have to get 2 chicken breast with a meal or 3/4 lb of turkey. That’s 3 meals I’m getting double the meat. Could this diet cause vit a toxicity? And how long do you find it safe on this diet? My accuptuntist recommended this diet only protein (meat and fish)and green leafy veggies plus bone broth could add green beans so pretty close to aip and low fodmap minus the fruit. But seems like she wants me on this for several months to year. Have you had people on this diet that long. Do you find this will have nutritional deficiencies? Or vitamin a toxicity or trouble with oxalates?
    My dx is celiac si joint dysfunction( debilitating.

    • says

      Hi Julia
      I have not seen vitamin A toxicity from diet alone. Yes, I have seen nutritional lows on AIP (myself included). You can upload apps on your smart phone to calculate if you are meeting the RDA’s with your diet. Oxylates can be troublesome too when you are eating too many but I have not seen it be an issue with cooked oxylate foods. Hope that helps. -jessica

      • Julia says

        If I have that much of the greens do you find I should be ok with vitamin a and k if eaten that long? Would cooking the greens cause no concern then with oxalates in that quantity? What app do you find most accurate? Do you just take a supplement for what your low on?

  82. Ola says

    Hi Jessica!
    First of all; many thanks for such a great and informative site about AIP!!!
    In your list of foods to exclude you mention seeds and nuts and you list which specific seeds and nuts that are not OK. Does that mean that all other types of seeds and nuts are OK? I was really under the impression that all seeds and nuts are NOT OK. But if I can eat pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, then that would be really awesome!! So it would be great if you could verify that it is OK to eat all other seeds and nuts apart from those listed above.
    Many thanks

    • says

      Ola, yes all nuts and seeds are eliminated. You have a better list than I do :-) mine is just incomplete. Go by yours…which means no pumpkin or sunflower seeds. I will update my list -jessica

  83. sherry says

    I have Hashimoto’s and I originally started with just a gluten-free diet. This drastically improved my digestion. I am now doing the paleo AIP and I am on day 3 and have had diarrhea everyday since I started this protocol. Is this normal?

  84. Julia says

    If I have that much of the greens do you find I should be ok with vitamin a and k if eaten that long? Would cooking the greens cause no concern then with oxalates in that quantity? What app do you find most accurate? Do you just take a supplement for what your low on?

  85. Ola says

    Hi again Jessica!

    Can you eat mushrooms when on AIP? I did some googling to find if mushrooms are vegetables but some says yes and some says no… The mushrooms I am especially interested in are chanterelle and the Agaricus.

    Thank you again very much for your help!
    Ola, Sweden

  86. Julia says

    If I have that much of the greens do you find I should be ok with vitamin a and k if eaten that long? Would cooking the greens cause no concern then with oxalates in that quantity? What app do you find most accurate? Do you just take a supplement when you find your low on certain vitamins

  87. Ola says

    Hi again Jessica!

    What about root vegetables (like carrots, beets, parsnips etc)? Do you count them in the group “Vegetables” i.e. is it allowed to eat them? For instance, I love to eat about 250 grams of carrots with my lunch. According to some site I found, 250 grams of carrots contains about 7 grams of fructose so I was thinking this should be OK. However, my wife reminded me that a carrot is not a vegetable but, as we say in Sweden, a root-fruit (and in english the term is root vegetable so I am a little bit confused…).

    Very thankful for your help!!
    Ola, Sweden

    • says

      It is confusing! Generally I go with root vegetables in one category and vegetables in another. But, I generally (and this is a personal thing) count carrots as a vegetable and not a root vegetable even though they are. I think for too many years eating them in salads numbed my mental piece to count them as a starch carb. However if you are fructose sensitive or have adrenal issues or for whatever the reason are counting carbs or starch carbs, I would indeed put all of the root-fruits or root vegetables in their own category and count other vegetables separately. Hope that helps! :-) -jessica

  88. Belinda says

    Is it possible to cheat, and rather than do the full autoimmune protocol and then reintroduction, can i get tests done to see what my body is reacting to and then just avoid those? something like IgG testing…?

    • says

      I don’t think cheating works, BUT I do think that the Cyrex Gluten Cross-Reactivity Test can be done before you start AIP and give an accurate look at what non-AIP but Paleo foods can be eaten if you want to modify it. But it must be done at the beginning of your AIP journey so you are recently exposed to the foods. Hope that helps! -jessica

  89. Alyson says

    I would like to try this :) Thanks for all the info, I appreciate it. But I eat eggs every morning D: What are some good breakfast alternatives? :)

  90. Gwen says

    hi and thanks for your article! Iam on week three and ate sour cream and chocolate! Do I have to start over?please say no! (: oh and I have had some butter too, oh no! Please help, thanks.

  91. kelly says

    My story seems complicated and overwhelming until I read all of this. :) Hoping you can help with possible next steps. I started on a strict candida diet 6 weeks ago to fight vaginal itching. Since then, my symptoms have gotten worse, and skin itching burning tingling has begun. There is no obvious indication of a food sensitivity…at least nothing that i can obviously link to a flare up. Mostly my skin from my midsection down to my thighs (including vagina) burn like I rolled in fiberglass. I have been to accupuncturist, herbalist, chiropractor, family doctor, Gyn and naturopath. Ive had blood work done(completely normal) and had my Mirena IUD taken out just this week. Ive been detoxed (ionic water) allergies eliminated, emotional issues cleared, energy systems balanced. Ive been told I have pressure uticaria, dry skin, immune system dysfunction, emotional issues, nerve damage, yeast, no yeast. autoimmune, etc . Im given new herbs and supplements by each practitioner I see. I am completely and utterly confused. Do I continue on the candida diet? Switch to the paleo diet? the autoimmune paleo diet? the Paleo diet with FODMAPS? They all seem at odds with each other. (My current diet consists of tons of vegetables, organic eggs, chicken, turkey, beef. NO sugar, no fruit, no caffiene, no alcohal, no grains except quinoa and oat bran.) Im 47, and in “good health” excercise regulary but lead a high stress life. THanks so much.

    • says

      Hi Kelly! I believe the mirena iud is hormonal? I wonder if your doctor has checked that piece?
      This is a great point you bring up, but one that I can’t discuss on the thread like this. I am happy to work with you privately. info@aiplifestyle.com xo-jessica

  92. Katelyn says

    Hi Jessica,

    I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis this past March, and until that point I had been practicing a vegan diet for just under a year (started April 2013). While I had no plans of changing my diet, after receiving my diagnosis my doctor suggested implementing small amounts of dairy (mainly yogurt because I ended up with oral thrush 3 times quickly, despite taking probiotics religiously, after starting the steroid treatments), and fish. Since those recommendations, I have been eating greek yogurt daily, fish maybe once a week, and eggs / cheese occasionally. My symptoms from the disease are responding to the medication (finally) and I am feeling better, but I want to find more natural ways to decrease my symptoms in hopes of getting off my medications sooner than later (Methotrexate is problematic for me and has resulted in drastic hair thinning and loss– not fun for a 28 year old newlywed, or anyone for that matter). I am curious about trying the AIP diet for the 6-8 weeks you recommend, but I am concerned with the fact that I do not eat meat and where my protein would come from on this diet without legumes, eggs and the small amount of dairy I am eating. As I said, I do eat fish about once a week, but not any more than that, and I don’t think eating fish daily would be a great idea for me?

    I’d love your thoughts when you have a chance. I haven’t seen many dermatomyositis patient questions here, so I am also curious if you have had patients with a similar diagnosis contact you regarding this diet plan.

    Thanking you in advance,

    • says

      Hi Katelyn! I don’t think relying on just fish or seafood would work well on this diet. Not to say that it can’t be done..but it is such a big component. I wish it was not the case, but you just need protein and because so many vegan options are taken out (as well as eggs and nuts) there is almost nothing left. Sending you lots of well wishes! xo-jessica

    • says

      Hi Jay..I think you maybe mis-read that? It says after that they ‘are’ permitted. But since you pointed that out I just went and made it in bold because I can see how confusing that wording could be. thanks for bringing that to my attention -jessica

  93. gigi says


    I have purchased your book and it has been of great help. The information I am looking for may be in the book, but I am looking for an answer to one question I have on sweetners allowed. I noticed you allow small amounts of maple syrup and honey (i think). What about Raw organic coconut nectar?…the ingredients state, “organic coconut sap nectar”. I have learned the hard way may times in my attempt to follow first the lowfod map and now the AIP diet, that what seems innocent often times is not. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and time.

  94. Susan says

    Hi Jessica, I’m looking into starting this diet with my toddler at the start of next year. I’m already doing Paleo (plus potatoes though). I have had digestive problems my whole life and my son sadly has as well. Even at 20 months old he wakes through the night to comfort nurse due to gas. Doctors keep telling me the same thing they told my mom about me. “He will grow out of it”. I’m really hoping that I can fix it or make both of us less miserable at least.. I’m also now suffering from Perioral Dermatitis now =( I feel ugly and so self conscious because of it..

    Anyways, one thing I’m worried about is I don’t have a lot of money as I’m a student and a single mom. I tried to eat only grass fed and organic meat but I ran out of money and I struggled to make ends meet with food till I got child support. Will the diet still have a chance at helping me and my son if I can’t do grass fed meat? I can afford some organic meat though like full chickens and some ground beef.

    Sorry for such a long post.. And thanks in advance for any advice!

    • says

      Hi Susan..I can’t say for sure, but you could try probiotics for children with your son and see if that helps? I would try that first. You should be able to find a great brand at your local whole foods. Ask someone who works there which is made for children. And you could try the same for adults as well as take a essential fatty acid supplement. I like fermented cod liver oil. hope that helps xo-jessica

  95. emily indigo says

    Jane, I can’t afford the diagnostic testing, so I am wondering what the actual treatment is for the parasitic infection you are describing? I have compelling reasons to believe I am infected with perhaps a few varieties of parasites, and would like some info concerning treatment protocols.

  96. Monika says

    Hello, I probably have some autoimmune disease, at this moment i’m not diagnosed yet, but it is probably lupus or scleroderma, anyway I start AIP and after 2 weeks 50 % of my symptoms disappear, after 6 weeks I reintroduced rices and after 8 weeks- eggs, also I eat lot of fruits and dates, before this diet I had small temperature raises 37,1-37,2 when my temperature was raising I was feeling awful (I have to mention my blood test do not show any inflammations). all6-8 weeks my temperature was stable and now after 3 months I measured my t-ure and my jaw dropped 37,5!! about month than I feel hot, even the air from my mouth was hot, but I didn’t feel that bad like in summer, I was measuring my t-ure with electronic thermometer(which always shoved 36.6), and now i checked with different. So I guess I have to remove rices and eggs ones again, and probably stop eating dates and lower my fruit intake.. :(((

  97. Nelle says

    Hi Jessica
    Really interesting and useful info, thanks for your overview. Are sweet potatoes and yams considered nightshades?

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

  98. Shawn Schowengerdt says

    Hi Jessica,

    I’m looking for answers and am hoping that you can help me. I was diagnosed with celiac 4 years ago and went gluten free at that time. After an initial period of feeling better, things have become downhill since then. I identify with another commenter when she said she didn’t think her celiac was as severe as others, my symptoms are rarely abd. pain but mainly fatigue, brain fog, headaches and irritability. I have been strict GF all this time. My weight is up, (highest ever). I cycle between constipation and loose stools. I take antidepressants, blood pressure medication and a compounded hormone daily (mainly estrogen due to a total hysterectomy 15 years ago).

    I just know that something is still wrong. I have no drive to do anything basically and my blah days equal or outnumber my good days. To complicate matters, I live in a very rural area and see a nurse practitioner as my primary. I’ve been pushing for the Cyrex cross-reactivity test but have been running into ordering problems. The nearest Whole Foods is a 3 hour drive. I am seeing my GI doc in a few weeks for a follow up scope and even then I had to ask to be rebiopsied to check for healing. I have microscopic colitis as well so they were just going to do a lower scope.

    Just basic thyroid tests, nothing in depth like I’ve seen you talk about in previous comments as well as no adrenal testing. I know you aren’t a physician and can’t give me medical advice but do you have any ideas and can steer me in the right direction or should I just start yelling my head off until I get more testing?

    I’m so frustrated and tired of being tired. My poor family. I’m only 51, I don’t want to feel like this for the rest of my life.
    Thank you for reading my rant,
    Cranky in Kansas (aka Shawn)

    • says

      HI Shawn! It sounds like you very much need a practitioner who work with of some kind. Your issues go a bit deeper than casual comments on this thread. I know you can order things online at amazon to be delivered to your house and I would look onto local organic farms you can buy weekly boxes from (it is called a CSA). Cyrex does not take insurance nor do most insurance companies cover their tests. It sounds like it would be worth driving out of town to an alternative practitioner and trying the AIP diet to see how you do. But because of the complexity of your issues, I cannot say more in this thread. But I am sending you well wishes. xo-jessica

  99. sherry says

    I came across your blog in FB rewilding group. Im wondering if a paleo diet would work for me, I suffer with severe joint pain/inflammation and I believe it is due to my diet. I consume a lot of sugar, carbs, starches etc…. Im addicted. I have had blood woek done to see if I have rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and any other illness that could be causing my inflammation and joint pain. All tests have come back negative. Im quite sure its all caused by what I eat. Do you think this diet would be good for me in solving my inflammation, pain problems. Its driving me crazy and making my quality of life terrible.

  100. Christa says

    Hi Jessica
    I have a couple of question. I have been dx with chronic Hs a few years back and recently it has become unbearable I have been to many Drs and nothing seems to work. I have done a lot of research and the AIP seem like the answer I have been waiting for. Next week I have an appt. with a natruopathic dr to do some food senisitivity and allergy testing. Should I wait to see what she says before I start this diet? My other question is we
    Don’t have much organic or grass
    Fed meat in my town. Is it going to be pointless to do this diet with lean meat and poultry? I’m just feeling so overwhelmed. But this seem to be my last chance at finding a remission for this awful disease.

  101. Patty Melendez says

    Hi Jessica! Thanks for the info. I have Hashi’s and am trying to lose weight. I feel fine when I eat so I’m not so sure I have any allergies. I have gained 30+ pounds in the last year although I don’t eat much. I would like to know if you still recommend AIP although food doesn’t make me feel worse… I have a pretty strict diet whereas I drink a cup of coffee in the morning along with a coconut greek yogurt. I have a salad (lettuce, onions, cheese, carrots, olive oil and balsamic) for lunch with water and if I have anything for dinner it’s a mushroom omelette, grilled salmon or tilapia (I don’t eat chicken or red meat). What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      If AIP makes you feel worse then you should find someone who can help design an eating plan that works with you and your state of health. If you are gaining weight even though you are eating AIP and you have Hashimoto’s then you may want to discuss your thyroid medication dosage with you doctor. There are foods in the AIP diet that folks have sensitivities to and that is no uncommon (beef for example) so if you work with someone, they can help you sort through all these things and get a plan that works for you! xo-jessica

  102. Lori says

    Thank you for the quick response Jessica, which certainly answered my question. One follow up question on the heals of the other….If I re-introduce almonds, for example, for five days straight with no reaction and I am now going to add in greek yogurt as the next re-introduction, do I continue to keep the almonds in my diet since they were fine? Or do I go back to the basics and each time I add and then know at the end (which is out of sight given this slow process) which foods I can have and live with? I am hoping for the answer to be the former :). Thanks- Lori

    • says

      Hi Lori…yes you would keep almonds in and keep adding foods to the ok list. Essentially your diet will become larger of available foods at any given time. Once the food is checked off the list as ‘yes’ you are good to go. BUT, keep a close watch out over time. Because in 6 months if something happens (virus, stress flare etc) then how foods interact in your body may change and suddenly react. I see this a lot. xo-jessica

  103. Naima says

    Hello Jessica,
    I have a concern that I haven’t found to be addressed throughout my AIP research and I was wondering if might be something that either could be addressed in the future or perhaps something that I just haven’t seen somewhere.
    I have Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s disease. As someone with an IBD, I had a lot of struggles with the AIP. Moreover, I began loosing weight (and nutrients) rapidly. This is a concern because I have since learned from other health care professionals that the AIP diet could actually be dangerous to those of us with IBD. If I missed that this was ever addressed I do apologize. But if not, i implore that you PLEASE get this information out there. I think this may be a very important distinction.
    I have since begun the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) which has a number of similarities but is much less restrictive and has allowed me again to start gaining weight (very slowly) and feel more satiated by my foods. I honestly, felt very deprived and very hungry most of the time on the AIP diet.
    I don’t doubt that this protocol can be very helpful for many autoimmune conditions. However, I truly think it could benefit many to know that there may not be a one size fits all autoimmune plan so that people don’t necessarily have to go through what I’ve gone through.
    I thank you very much for your attention to this and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind regards,

    • says

      HI Naima!
      You bring up a very valid and wonderful point. There is not a one-size-fits all in life. Not even on AIP. Many of my IBD and UC clients go between SCD, intro GAPS and AIP. Clinically I start from the place of AIP because I personally resonate with it, but because I put my clients first, and their own physiological needs are a priority, I would not keep a client on AIP who is obviously worsening. And because I am a nutritionist, it is my job to know about other diets and how there could be a role for them for my clients. Like for example if you are sensitive or allergic to beef and coconut, AIP may be difficult. And while it is the diet I use the most, my clinical practice is more expansive and I use a variety of tools. There could be a piece of you on the AIP diet however that if you had extra help with it, or some coaching, you may have had better success with it. Just a thought. But, I believe there are many roads to the same destination, and I embrace the journey as much as the destination. Thank you for sharing! xo-jessica

  104. Elsa McCargar says

    Do you have any recommendations on SIBO treatment? Is it possible to deal with SIBO through diet alone (low fodmap, AIP)? My doctor wants me to take Rifaxamin, but I keep reading about people having recurrence after the antibiotic treatment and am hesitant to go through with it. I think antibiotics are what caused my gut issues in the first place! Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks for being such a great resource!

    • says

      I don’t see SIBO ‘cured’ often through diet alone. I hear that can happen to on rifaxamin too..but not always. It is challenging for sure. Some use biofilm disruptors and special probiotics too. Hard to say! It is definitely something you and a practitioner should tackle. Also, you make like this post I wrote about it!

  105. Cassidy Neuman says

    Hey there,
    So today was day 1 of AIP and boy am I having some troubles. I can’t seem to get full. And have had a migraine all day. I’m also craving crunchy salt things. Have and suggestions for a replacement? And I was curious about sweet potatoes are those acceptable.

    • says

      Sweet potatoes are acceptable and I would eat one today. It is normal when you shift what you are eating to not feel well the first few days. Be sure that you are eating enough starchy vegetables (beets, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, hard winter squashes). I would make it fun, like roasting some homemade sweet potato fries in the oven! Be sure to eat enough fat as you start on this..it will help with feeling full.
      You could make your own kale and beet chips, or the big coconut flakes baked in the oven with sea salt. Those are cruchy ideas. Also Honest Chips (Briar Patch usually sells them) have sweet potato chips made with coconut oil and they are really, really good and AIP approved. Hope that helps!

  106. Lou Puopolo says

    Hey Jessica, thank you for such a great resource! I have a question, I went to a nutritionist and found out I had a candida overgrowth as well as hashimoto’s and am homozygous for MTHFR gene mutation as well as deficient in minerals zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin A, oleaic acid, and inositol. I also had a ALCAT food allergy test done and was severely allergic to gluten and had allergies to other foods as well. I was wondering, if I have tested that I am not allergic to certain foods (like peppers, eggplant, egg whites and yolks, and most nuts and seeds besides sesame and sunflower) do I still need to remove them from my autoimmune diet? I have been gluten free for a few years now, and completed my 8 week candida removal protocol and am taking homosysteine supreme by designs for health for my MTHFR and feeling much better. Any input is greatly appreciated!! Have a happy holiday! and I am making my first beef broth with grassfed bones today! so excited to try it!

    • says

      Hi Lou! You ask a very important question. A complicated one as well. There is an a level of inflammation that nuts for example, carry just because of their makeup beyond you reacting to them and producing antibodies. So that is something to take into consideration. With my clients, I do a blend of both. Some use inflammatory markers in blood to keep track of how the foods may be doing after being reintroduced. With other clients I allow those foods, but put into a rotation diet so that there is not too much exposure. Some of my conclusions then go by biomarkers and other by how a client feels symptom-wise. So the big big answer is that in theory, yes, you should be able to eat those foods in your diet. But, it is not always the case so I tend to take it case by case. I hope that helps a little! Take care! xo-jessica

  107. Vida says

    I have some markers for ANA and MCTD but my crp and sed rate are normal. Do autoimmune markers ever go negative on your AIP diet?

    • says

      HI Vida! That would be a question for you doctor. When you have autoimmunity, different antibodies are positive while others are negative. And not all inflammation markers are high in the midst of autoimmunity or autoimmune disease either. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t. But your doctor should be able to look at your lab work and tell you. -jessica

  108. Amy says

    I’ve been reading a lot about AIP, and as someone with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibro, I’m very intrigued. However, I’m a vegan (a “forced” vegan – I started out vegetarian, but developed intolerances to dairy, eggs, etc), and I am struggling to figure out if this can work for even a short while with someone who is vegan. Have any vegans been successful with this, or am I a lost cause?

    • says

      Hi Amy! It is very, very hard to do this diet being vegan. Your protein sources would be next to none if you were to adopt AIP and still be vegan. I don’t know of any vegans who were able to do this diet. So sorry. But if you decide to transition to not beign vegan and being on AIP, you could introduce fish first, then chicken, then meat. Just a thought. Take care :-) -jessica

  109. Bart says

    Great site, thank you for sharing. Recently i went to do routine blood test and everything looked normal, but I am positive for thyroid antibodies:

    My TSH, t3, and t4 were:
    TSH 3.47 mIU/L 0.40-4.50 mIU/L
    T3, Free 3.1 pg/mL 2.3-4.2 pg/mL
    T4, Free 1.4 ng/dL 0.8-1.8 ng/dL


    As a precaution i switched autoimmune diet.
    There are times where I would eat eggs, some almonds or brazil nuts, 2 times i had rice.
    I will also have glass of wine and coffe expresso.
    I dont know if i should do it but i though that this might protect me in the future.
    I am supposed to see functional medicine doctor but i have to wait for the appointment until january.

    Do you think i did the right think? I lost so much weight as it is so hard to get carbs on this diet.
    Sweat potatoes are just too sweet to eat as much as regular potatoes.
    I am 6.1 and went down to 159 pounds where 6 months ago i was 178 with regular diet.

    I dont feel symptoms yet, except i was born with cold hands and feet.
    Is this a way to go.

    Will i ever be able to eat regular carbs like potatoes or rice or it is game over for me?

    I was muscular and now I am getting small and I look skinny.

    what are you thoughts before i see functional medicine doctor?

    • says

      Hi Bart! You bring up many great questions, most of which I cannot answer in this public format. But, I would suggest winter squashes (butternut squash is my favorite) if sweet potatoes are too sweet (they are for me as well). I could not say if you will ever be able to eat regular carbs; everyone is different. Many can. Some cannot. But I would push forward and work with a medical doctor and see what they say. Take care, -jessica

      • Bart says

        thx for the recommendation.
        Last week I discovered:
        Plantain, yuca, taro, Rutabaga and they are actually not that bad and not sweet.
        Are these good for AIP?
        I feel like i was just born and learning what to eat.

        I never had butternut squash. Need to give it a try.

  110. says

    I’ve taking my health to the “next leveL’ this year and I am currently strict GF (clean eating), night shade free, grain free, etc. (pretty much all of the ‘no’ foods, I already don’t do) and so I think AIP is going to be perfect for me especially due to Hashimoto’s that I have had for over 15 years. My question — I love coconut milk and was using it often but noticed that most of the coconut milks contain carageenan or guar gum and I cannot find one that doesn’t have it in there. Do you have a brand recommendation? The best I have found so far is Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate but no full fat Coconut Milks. Any information on this would be great! Thanks!

    p.s. LOVE your one-pot meals and they are on my meal plan for this upcoming week!

    • says

      Hi Rupa! Natural Value brand is free of additives (you can buy on amazon if you can’t get it locally to you)
      Also, I am SO happy you like the one pot dishes!! Happy New Year! xo-jessica

    • says

      Coconut milk without the additives like guar gum or Carrageenan. I like Natural Value brand which do not contain them.
      You can find that brand on amazon!

  111. Annie says

    Just wondering if you think I’m on the right track. I don’t have an autoimmune disease but have suffered from depression and anxiety for over 20 years and recently I’ve embarked on finding a physical cause for this. I have a close family member with MS and celiac and another with psychotic/schizophrenic depression.

    I found a (sympathetic) doctor who ran tests and said I was suffering from copper overload and low zinc (not detoxing properly) and undermethylation. I started taking a mountain of supplements but 6 weeks in I started feeling nauseous and tired and got to the point I couldn’t eat much at all or get out of bed. I stopped taking supps and developed an irritable bladder which hasn’t quit yet. She mentioned maybe leaky gut but I don’t have a diagnosis. I tried paleo several months back but didn’t eliminate as much as this diet. And I lost so much weight (already thin) people were genuinely concerned. I was hungry all the time no matter how much I ate. Hoping that with these recipes on this site I might do a little better.

    Am I right that at the heart of this diet is the healing of a leaky gut whether it be for an autoimmune disease or other??


    • says

      Hi Annie! I would find a chiropractic neurologist that can help you with the brain issues of the depression and anxiety. I think you need some extra help with the food piece and yes this diet helps with leaky gut BUT if you have SIBO or parasites then it won’t be enough to just go on the diet. A practitioner can help you figure out where you land in respect to this as well as the copper/zinc/methylation. I like Carrick Institute Chiropractic Neurologists. I like Dr. Rosario who does distance consultations. Here is her link. Tell her I send you :-)

  112. Amanda says

    Hey Jessica,

    I’m 35 yrs old and have Crohn’s disease I have been off medicine (imuran, humira and steroids) for 3 years now and just take a lot of supplements and controlling it by my diet. I did the ALCAT food testing and was allergic to a lot of things I was already eating. I eat bone marrow, stock and chicken, eggs, mostly squashes, green beans and peas. No diary, grains or sugar. My question is I am now having formed bowel movements yay!!! but bleeding occasionally. I don’t know if bananas could be causing this. Have you had clients like this and would the SCD or AIP be better? I was on all those meds for 8 yrs and ever since I have been off my body feels so jacked up. Anything that I do that overheats me or exacerbate I feel like I’m going to pass out. I was trying to train for a fitness show but have not been able to workout like that in 3 years. I just walk and so stretches. I know I have adrenal fatigue and hormone issues getting ready to address. I know you are not a doctor just read your posts and caught my attention with good information you provided other people.
    Thank you for your time !

    • says

      Hi Amanda…I am a big believer that there are many paths to the same destination. You have the advantage of the ALCAT test which I like. But also to use it as a springboard and not the end-all-be-all. If you think bananas could be contributing, then I would eliminate them. But, I also think it may be worth looking into a SIBO protocol or a brief stint doing low FODMAPS for a while and see how you do on that. let me know how it goes! xo-jessica

  113. Rashel says

    Hello. I have been doing AIP for almost 2 weeks now to hopefully heal my leaky gut, and in turn my Hashimoto’s. So today I felt a cold coming on, and i took a bunch of homeopathic ColdCalm by Boiron. Later, I noticed that an inactive ingredient is lactose!! So discouraged! Should I start all over? I also (not sure if this is related or not) may have ingested gluten, and I’m not even sure how, but it definitely feels that way. So either the small amount of lactose is causing stomach cramps, or I ingested lactose AND gluten today. Do I need to start over?

    • says

      Hi Rashel!
      No, you don’t need to start over. You are perfectly on schedule. Everyone hits bumps in the road. I use tinctures for my homeopathics that are lactose free so you can look for those online. Keep moving ahead in at a steady pace and celebrate your successes. There are gluten enzymes you can have on hand (apex energetics sells one called gluten flam) for these moments. And an extra cup or two of bone broth. Let me know how it goes xo-jessica

  114. Chloe says

    Hi there, I suffer with Alopecia Areata and am really keen to give this a go to see how it might help my condition. Quick question though, I know you say no grains, but is Quinoa ok?
    Many thanks in advance :) x

  115. Debi says

    Hello, I was wondering about how to get enough calcium while being on the AIP diet? I have issues with my bones and would like to take a supplement? Would that be okay on AIP? And which you would suggest? Calcium(carbonate, citrate, orotate, algae)? Thank you for your response!!

    • says

      Calcium absorption is dependent on stomach acid and the type of calcium you are taking. I have no issues with calcium supplementation if the ingredients are AIP. I don’t suggest calcium carbonate however. Also look for one that has accessory co-factors for absorption! Hope that helps! xo-jessica

  116. Kathy says

    I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis for 17 years now but have been in remission for about the last 8 years (due to medication). I’m taking Lialda and Immuran (Azathioprine) and when I tried to go off my meds a couple years ago had a bad flare up. I want to go off my meds permanently so I’ve decided to do the Microbiome Diet for 2 months then incorporate the AIP for awhile before stopping my meds. My question is, how will I know that it is safe to try to stop the meds, I want to stop them and see what happens with a “healed” gut and microbiome and then start introducing some foods back to see exactly what my body can handle (med-free). What is your opinion on this?

    • says

      Kathy..the only way to know if it is safe to stop your meds is to have your doctor help you. They should have a protocol they use for exactly this. -jessica

  117. Manjot says

    Hi, I am 42 year male and recently diagnosed with hyperthyroid graves..auto immune problem. Followed a healthy lifestyle except lots of coffee. I am on carbimazole 40 mg a day. Medicines are a source of stress for me and not healing. I consulted a naturopath and she seem to suggest a diet like yours. Also I am having Selenium 200mcg supplement and will start probiotic supplement too. However, I am currently allowed organic brown rice. I feel if I don’t have..I feel empty. I have already lost 6 kgs in 40 days and feel if i cut down on rice which is carbs..i will loose further. Could you suggest please an alternative to rice to keep me full or else if brown rice in moderation is ok..Thanks for blessing us all.

    • says

      Hi Manjot! Thanks for writing! I would suggest: sweet potatoes, parsnips, rutabagas, beets, yuccca, yams as alternatives. I also use hard winter squashes. Also I use cultured ghee (you can search it on my website and it is different than ghee) on those starchy roots to help me feel more full. You can always have your ND test you for antibodies for rice. It is a cross reactor to gluten, but not in all cases! hope that helps -jessica

    • says

      Hi Erin!
      I don’t allow marijuana with my clients. Like smoking tobacco, it increases oxidative stress in the body which can burden the immune system. -jessica

  118. Amanda says

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your article! It has brought so much insight.

    I’ve been struggling with severe bloating and constipation for over a year now. I originally thought it was a hormone issue, but tests ruled that out, so I believe the issue is in my gut. I’ve been Paleo for 2.5 months (no eggs, no dairy, no starch except plantains). I’ve lost pounds, but I still have bloating and issues with constipation. I’m going to try AIP for 30 days, but are there specific tests you could recommend that would help me find the proper diagnosis?

    Thank you!!!

    • says

      HI Amanda! I would ask your doctor to do a stool test and a SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). The SIBO test is not super accurate, so if comes up negative it does not mean you don’t have SIBO…go by symptoms. Gas and bloating can be signs of SIBO. Then you would need to do more than just paleo or AIP. I like GI Effects test from Genova for stool testing. let me know how it goes! xo-jessica

  119. Julie says


    Would the SIBO breath test reveal if I need to be on high or low FODMAPS? Im working with a naturopath and we will be testing this soon, plus will be doing a stool test. Im hoping I don’t have SIBO as I hear its difficult to treat. Also, is progesterone ok? My naturopath started me on progesterone drops and it really has helped my PMS. I also have HORRIBLE blood sugar issues and have tested positive for reactive hypoglycemia but since starting a liver supplement by Apex Energetics, my blood sugar has really stabilized and I feel so much better. No matter how well I would eat before, it would never stabilize. I will be starting AIP soon but on paleo for now.

    • says

      I do not consider a negative SIBO test a complete answer that you don’t have SIBO. I go by symptoms. I can’t comment about the rest of your protocol, but I love Apex products! take care! xo-jessica

  120. says

    I recently saw a functional doctor for ongoing thyroid issues and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. She recommended your website and the AIP protocol, which I started this week. I am wondering if pepper is considered a seed spice or allowed? Also, do you have a particular order you suggest reintroducing foods in? I have been gluten-free for three years so I don’t miss the grains as much as I miss eggs. Your website is a wonderful, clear resource!

    • says

      Hi Amy! Pepper is to be avoided (at least at first in my opinion) because it is a grey area. Most do fine on it however. Eggs would be a perfect first reintroduction food! I would hard boil your eggs and start with only the yolks the first week or two and then track any symptoms. It can take up to 3 days for a food symptom to show itself…brain fog, headaches, rashes, stomach aches, flu-like symptoms…so it may be tricky. Also, keep a food journal! It will help! Let me know how it goes! -jessica

  121. Amber says

    Hi, first thank you for your article, great info! I’m hoping you will reply :) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last Aug and since I have followed somewhat close to SCD and then progressed to GAPS and now trying Paleo-AIP. Before my diagnosis I have struggled with chronic diarrhea and digestive issues (always loose/watery, foul, film on water, undigested foods, and generally float) so it’s my belief this prolonged digestive problem was a precursor to the thyroid issues but hard to know for sure. My thyroid levels have dropped back into normal range but not yet optimal (diet and Nature Throid maybe?)…my question is between my horrible stools and digestion, awful sleeping pattern (waking at random times through the night), two previous miscarriages I am wondering what could really be going on. I also feel like being on Paleo I am constantly hungry though it feels like I’m eating ample veggies and meat I still crave carbs and sweets. My energy level is fine despite the sleep issues but I’m also wondering if I’m eating too low of carbs to sustain good sleep patterns. Sorry so long I feel like a mess!

    • says

      Amber, it sounds like you have issues beyond diet. That is almost always the case for most people. You could find someone to help you strengthen your digestive physiology, test your stool for imbalances (bacteria, yeast, parasites just to be sure) and your adrenal gland. Diet alone for most people will not resolve the issues. Hope that helps! take care, -jessica

  122. Nikko Moy says

    Hello! I’m just starting out with AIP. I currently use hempseed oil on my skin as a moisturizer. Because nuts are omitted to restore the gut, do I have to omit hempseed oil as a skin moisturizer?

  123. Nisargo says

    Hi there,

    I have been going through many websites without success and may still have overlooked this info somewhere. I am wondering whether I could do fermented veggies and kombucha on the AIP low Fodmap diet which I just started yesterday. I love “a clean plate” and Christina’s cookbooks. I would not have dared to go on this journey without it since I have to cook regular food for teenagers as well. But this info would be really helpful!

    • says

      If you are dealing with a inflammatory issue in the bowels, I recommend to my clients to abstain from fermented products. Tell me how you do! -jessica

  124. stan says


    I found this website in my search for an auto-immune diet protocol. I have HS (hidradenitis suppurativa stage 1), and while my flare ups are still manageable, it really REALLY sucks. So many people suffer from it and causes so many confidence issues.

    I found a post on a website called primalgirl, she talked about how her HS is in remission after finding out her flare-trigger is potatoes, which is a nightshade. I want to start an autoimmune protocol diet for 30-45 days to see if my HS goes away, then slowly introduce food groups back in every week and see which ones cause my flare ups, doing nightshades last.

    My question is, I’m a weightlifter(not bodybuilder). Carbohydrates are the main fuel source during intense strength workouts. If I eliminate the nightshades, grains and dairy, where do I find enough carbohydrates to fuel my strength workouts? Powerlifters need a lot of food, and a lot of carbohydrates usually that comes from oats, rice etc. Are there any foods that would supply enough carbohydrates (I require about 500g per day on lifting days) for breakfast, lunch and pre-workout?

    I heard yams and/or sweet potatoes are not nightshades. Are they okay to eat?

    I appreciate your help.

    • says

      Hi Stan! I recommend working with someone to help you get the needed carbs. Starchy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, parnsips, squashes, beets, carrots…all fit the bill for you!

  125. V James says

    Hi there Jessica –

    I am curious- how does this diet work for people with PCOS or Syndrome X and low thyroid?
    Are there any additional foods you would say to avoid in my case?


  126. Kristy says

    Maybe I missed this somewhere… but you mentioned that all of this is Phase 1… how many phases are there? Where’s the info on the additional phases?

    Thanks for the info!

    • says

      Kristy..It is more a general term because I call phase 1 the starting point. Beyond that it is a individualized process. When and how you reintroduce food is dependent on each person and the progress they are making. Because I work with so many people on AIP, I don’t recommend a specific way to come out of phase one because everyone heals at different times. Sorry I can’t be more specific. -jessica

      • Kristy says

        That’s ok. Thanks! I just didn’t understand that “phase 2″ is the reintroduction part… I was just confused. Thanks a lot!

  127. Amy Glaiberman says

    Hi! You’re site and information have been such a help for me. 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and leaky gut. Very scary but with people like you it’s making tackling these problems a bit easier. As of yesterday I was told by my doc to follow an AIP diet. Again, your site is EXTREMELY helpful. I made your lime coconut ginger chicken last night with cauli rice, it was a HUGE hit.

    I have a few questions on some foods that I’m finding mixed reviews on if they’re ok or not: Shredded coconut; black tea; yucca; blueberries.

    Thanks for your help.

    • says

      Hi Amy! So glad you are finding some useful information and recipes here! I find that all of those you listed are on the common approved AIP list. However if you are going into the realm of low fodmaps then coconut is out. I find A LOT of people cannot tolerate coconut. You may or may not be one of them. I find most are fine on black tea, but if you have adrenal issues, it may make it worse…hope that helps :-) -jessica

  128. Krista says

    Hi Jessica. Recently, my 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with PID. We have struggled with finding a diagnosis for her for years. For quite awhile, we were worried and are still worried that there is an autoimmune component. She also has pretty bad allergies. Do you think a diet like this would be appropriate for a child? Maybe there is a modified version? Of course, I will consult her doctors first.
    Thank you,

  129. Neda says

    I see chia seeds are not acceptable but my biggest issue is constipation and I have tried everything and nothing seems to work, so I have decided to do the AIP diet to help reduce inflammation. I know I will be more constipated than not. Anything you recommend since it is not part of the AIP diet?

    • says

      If you have constipation, there are other issues at play. Ask your doctor for a comprehensive stool test (doctors data has a great one, genova too) and a sibo test. Start there. And talk to your practitioner about using magnesium instead of chia seeds. -jessica

  130. keri says

    Hi there,
    I am just looking into the AIP for some chronic symptoms. I have read on some sites that algae ( I use spirulina) is not allowed. Is that consistent with your recommendations? Also, what about grasses like those found in a greens protein ( Alfalfa, Barley grass, wheat grass, etc.) Thank you for this site as a wonderful resource.

    • says

      Spirulina can stimulate the immune system. When I work clinically I take all my clients case by case and any grasses from grains or cross reactors to gluten I heed caution with. good luck -jessica

  131. denise says

    My doctor wants me to do the AIP diet so I have been trying to read up on as much as I can about it…the dos and the donts ect. It seems I will need to eat more meat…I do eat meat however its usually a very small piece and with this diet it seems I will need to eat more. . I like it for the most part but I just cant eat much before It starts to make me GAG. Do I just have to more eat anyway? what are my protien options?

    • says

      Hi Denise! I don’t think you have to eat a lot of meat. I think people tend to because they use it as a crutch instead of other nutrient dense foods like vegetables. I would say personally I eat two to three 4-6 oz. portions of meat a day. And you can have seafood and poultry! I probably only eat red meat twice a week.

  132. Jaimie says

    I am on week 3 of this diet. They do not know if my symptoms (swollen, scaling, red eyelids and under eye) is autoimmune related or an allergy so my doctors recommended the AIP. I feel physically better, but my eyes have not totally healed yet and I feel like I have had a terrible breakout (acne) on my face and back since starting this. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal/typical?

  133. Cheryl says

    It’s a shame we all cannot afford a skilled practitioner or that health insurance doesn’t cover the costs of alternative medicine doctors especially when regular doctors are understaffed relative to the number of sick people. It’s like being on a raft in the middle of the ocean and watching a boat go past.

  134. Mairi says

    hi Jessica,really interesting site,lots of information….I would like to say that I do not really look after my health,and am not as knowledgeable of conditions mentioned in your blog, but biology interests me ,and common sense mostly prevails! I do however have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism with all its symptoms+ psychological aspects..and I would say problems with my intestines due to erratic eating pattern since youth,obviously dietary issues………..having read your aip diet am wondering if it could help..however I live in the mediterranean ,on a mediterranean diet ..mostly pulses 4 times a week.,cracked wheat ( bourgouri )salads,veg, sheeps goats yoghurt,honey dried fruits ,nuts are of extreme importance…where do I go from here,it seems very difficult to help myself. many thanks

  135. Libbie says

    Hi :) I’m hoping to start the AIP soon and your website is SO helpful- getting excited about all the recipes!
    I just had a question about the Meat- I am able to source Grass Fed Beef- but am only managing to find Pasture Chicken/Pork ? Is that acceptable on the AIP?

    Thanks so much :)

  136. Helen Clifton says

    Hi, I’m on week 7 of AIP but just wondered if I can use coconut flour? Once I’m past my 8 weeks I thought I might try some baking with coconut flour.
    Thanks, H

    • says

      HI Helen! Coconut flour is widely used in AIP treats and baked goodies. I don’t see people do well on it for the most part and I rarely eat it myself. It is a very high FODMAP food and I use extreme caution even though it is rampant in recipes and the community. So go ahead and try it, but be on the lookout for digestive issues; gas, bloating or indigestion! take care xx -jessica

  137. Tonya says

    I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in October. Currently I am working with a Functional Medicin Doctor I have been on the AIP diet for almost two months. One week after starting the diet I developed a rash on my legs and arms. My doctor feels that the rash is from the diet and it will resolve in time. He wants me to start reintroducing foods but I am hesitant because of the rash. I had the Genova labs GI Effects Stool profile test done I had 3 bacterial infections and took antibiotics for them. I am now on GI Microb-X for another month. I also had antibiotics for a UTI just two weeks ago. My thyroid antibodies have risen from 115 to 117. My other concern is that I have lost 20 pounds since starting the diet and I continue to loose weight I am now 120 I can’t loose much more. I have been gluten free for a year and dairy free for 6 month. My gut feeling is that I should not be reintroducing new foods until the rash is gone. I would really appreciate a second opinion.

    • says

      Hi Tonya! I your doctor feels like it is from the rash, I would press him for more information… It could be the supplements you are on or a food you are eating, die-off, or from something else that should not be ignored. I would not let a client reintroduce foods if they have a unresolved issue like a rash. I would consider looping someone else into the mix. it sounds like he is on right track looking at your gut, but there is more work to do and you can’t keep losing weight as you are right now. I wish I could say more, but I hope what little I did may add something. take care xx-jessica

      • Tonya says

        Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate you so much. This continues to be a very frustrating process for me even with the help of an amazing doctor. What you have done for me and others like me is so appreciated. Thank you does not adequately express my appreciation.. You are a blessing! The recipes on your web site are simple and contain ingredients that I can buy in my small town, thank you. May God continue to bless you.

        • says

          Tonya..it is SO hard that there are not more doctors doing this good work. But, it is slowly changing. We are part of the group that are the changers! Isn’t that cool!? Glad you like the recipes. xo-jessica

  138. Joy says


    I am so thankful I found this page today. I feel like my body doesn’t want to allow any food in. In looking through the recipes, there is a lot of references to uses of coconut. My PC would like me to stay away from all nuts, legumes and coconut. What is a substitute for coconut I can use?

    • says

      Hi Joy! You could try Tigernut flour for baked goods to sub coconut. I have not found a good substitute for coconut milk however. I am in the same boat; I don’t do well on it, although I used to be fine and over time my sensitivity happened. I wish I had a better solution for you! I just don’t eat a lot of the baked AIP or paleo goodies that have those types of things in them. But I encourage you to try AIP! Give it a month and see how you feel! -jessica

  139. Cynthia says

    I take several oil based vitamins, specifically made with some may contain soy, or canola oil. I believe this is a relatively small amount, do you think this will hinder the effects of the AIP Diet?

    • says

      Hi Cynthia! I would have to see the specifics. There is a very large divide between soy lecithin and soy protein. Unless a client has a known allergy to soy, then the occasional and purposeful use of soy lecithin (or sunflower seed lecithin is actually a better choice but less available) is great for brain function and improving liver pathways. If we go out to eat, we are almost always exposed to canola. I do not allow it, but small exposures to canola eating out just happens. I would prefer the supplements not have canola… hope that helps! -xx jessica

  140. says

    Hi Jessica

    Thank you for such a generous posting of information, ideas and support! These gut issues are frustrating indeed – especially the link back to inevitable stress factors in our life.

    I’ve been on the quest to heal my leaky gut – and thereby address my adrenal fatigue – through a number of different elimination diets. They definitely work although can be tricky when you have additional food sensitivities and hunger pains. I thought I would offer that for me and hunger cravings I really load up on the good fats. Lots of avocado and even a spoonful of coconut oil. Also, I’ve had good results on dehydrated bone marrow broth. Its an incredibly soothing gut tonic.

    I’m also wondering if you have an opinion on Nutritional Yeast Flakes. I use them with great frequency for sauces and for a great source of B vitamins. Are they ‘allowed’ on the AIP diet?

    Thanks again for generating and sharing an incredibly helpful amount of knowledge!


    • says

      Hi Julie! I don’t allow them. I know some AIP bloggers do. And they are ok on Whole30 too..but they are grown usually on a gmo sugar beet medium and it I just can’t see that being workable from my point of view…hope that helps! xx-jessica

  141. says

    I have suffered from Sarcoidosis since 1998 and have been through the protocol of traditional medicine (Steroids, heavy medications etc) which has caused me to gain almost 50lbs over the years. It seems impossible to loose. I get on a program, have a good start then stall.

    Is this program helpful for weight loss?

    • says

      Hi C. It is not a weight loss diet. It is an anti-inflammatory diet. Many lose weight however when they change their diet and eat less sugar and processed foods. Steroids and medications manipulate your metabolism and that is hard to fix. But, if you decide to try AIP be sure to ask your doctor first. Hope that helps! -jessica

  142. Wheaton Simis says

    Hi! Thanks so much for this website. Completely changed my life. I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s and told “no one thing you eat will affect this.” Perhaps the MD was correct. But the combination of allergens definitely affected me. I am now in full remission after following the diet for about two months. However, the biggest change occurred when I added coconut manna into my smoothies. I think I wasn’t getting enough saturated fat. I went from still having pronounced symptoms to none in about two weeks once I added coconut manna. Can anyone speak to this? Or suggest further reading? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Wheaton! Also you could use coconut oil. Manna is high FODMAPS which can be problematic for some. But this is SUCH great news to read from you! Congratulations!!!! -jessica

  143. Nicole Ledoux says

    I started the AIP Diet 5 days ago and have developed a rash in my bottom, like diaper rash. I am also getting itchy on my legs in different areas. What could be causing this? What can I do to relieve this naturally?

    • says

      Hi Nicole!
      You would need to talk to your doctor to be sure what it is about. Ask them if you could be having a detox reaction. You would want to make sure you are not reacting to a food you are eating. I have had reports of this, but you also (like everyone else) should check it out with a doctor. -jessica

  144. Bieber Gliestmann says

    So much goodness to take in! I struggle to gain weight, I’m horribly thin since started low fodmap aip due to sibo. Ive been a good boy sticking to the diet so far, but gosh do i miss dairy. What about long life Lactose Free Milk? I had a lactose intolerance but did very well on that milk before I got worse for other reasons and started aip. Is that permissible on the diet?

    Celiac, vitiligo, pernicious anemia. Suspected of a polyautoimmube type iii and addisons.

    • says

      There is casein in most dairy which is problematic, but you could ask your doctor to test you for intolerances to dairy. You would need to do the test before you eliminate dairy however to get a true positive. -jessica

  145. Wellington Perrut says

    In relation to probiotic consumption already a few months straight, kefir, pickles, sauerkraut, beet kvass (now discovered a Russian drink and easy to do). More to wanting to stop a while with probiotics and stay only in the resistant starch feeding my bacteria. Can I do this or we need to continue with probiotics?

    • says

      Why are you wanting to do that? I am trying to figure out what your trying to do? SIBO protocol? Resistant starch can still be problematic…

  146. says

    I have very demanding and stressful job. But it is my passion. I have been suffering from auto immune symptoms for years but never diagnosed. Symptoms ranging from urticaria and angio-oedema to a vasculitis and arthitis. I have changed my diet but don’t get to eat all the time due to me not making time and making my work more important. Does skipping meals and weightloss agrivate an auto immune reaction?

  147. Calvin says

    I never skip meals, I have to eat 5 times a day just to keep my weight up after it took them a year to talk me out of my healthy GB, main symptom is that it hurts to eat 1-2 hours after, liver area. Whatever this thing is, it’s got ahold of me good, and I’m tired of testing for pathogens, very expensive and unreliable. Treating for candida via anti-fungals and going gluten and sugar free has really cleared up my itching. I’ve used my can opener twice now this year (organic coconut milk). I no longer have to read ingredients, I cook from scratch, and no longer even bother with the traditional food stores, we have a co-op.
    I was eating quite a bit of seafood, only Norweigan sardines and sockeye, the lowest in mercury you can get, but look at the sockeye migratory route, on my hairtests, my uranium went up from 2013 to 2015. Word on the street is avoid or limit fish from the Pacific. Then, after upping seafood my blood mercury was tested at 4mcg/L only a snapshot, but I still finished the job and spent 7k getting the last of the metal out of my mouth. I would not recommend fish to anyone who may be having problems detoxing, or with MTFHR/677 and with leaky gut metal you ingest would be going to your organs? I’ve suffered since with this pain since 2010, invisible illness, alienated by the U.S. medical care industry, they say we have to wait for whatever it is to get worse, and when a man is in the doctors office crying in pain, they send him to psychiatry, he often does not get a fair shake, still their are limits, but they are hesitant to biopsy in the U.S. due to liability concerns, go to socialized health care and they will, heck go to the veterinarian and they don’t think twice. I’d give everything to get better, I even gave up on NP doctors since I’ve seen so many of them, I just subscribed to the naturopath digest instead. I heard from a biological doctor Waters in Wisconsin Dells that autoimmune conditions are virtually non-existent near the equator. Is candida really at the root of leaky gut?, or just one piece of the puzzle? Cutting nuts, argh, although I’ve looked at some nuts under the stereoscope, they look rather unclean. and even though here in Wisconsin I am able to source excellent proteins, I tend to be more vegan even though I am a type O, and being RH- doesn’t seem to help either, I started giving blood two years ago, hoping they’d find a reason to not take my blood but no dice, so I just give 2RBC now. I guess I could start doing tillapia, we do have clean seafood, but I look at what they feed non-wild seafood, and go yuck.. I can’t win, please check out my FB page to see how I eat. We did just recently re-master the art of broth, (yes, sigh.., bones are organic too) and I drink a quart a day, for Vitamin C, I used Acerola. I can’t even take a vacation anymore, I just get sick, I don’t eat out, to risky. Calvin Kramer
    Peace, love, and good health to all.

  148. Heidi Hege says

    I am just at the investigating stage to begin this diet in the next week or 2. In hopes to heal my autoimmune condition. Do you allow Coconut Flour on the strict AIP diet? I am assuming Quiona and Rice are not allowed as well though it was not on the list.

    • says

      HI Heidi…I have started telling my clients not to do coconut flour. It is very high FODMAP and I find it to be generally irritating. Not all AIP blogs adhere to that however. Quinoa and Rice are not allowed. But coconut flour is technically allowed. Hope that helps! -jessica

  149. Julie says

    Hi, I recently had the Genova diagnostics stool test done as well as the doctors data test last year and both said I don’t have parasites or yeast. I’m wondering how accurate these are for parasites though? The reason I’m asking is I have struggled with severe anxiety and depression for a long time now and am usually bloated. I also had the sibo breath test done recently and came back negative. But am worried about parasites and the tests not being accurate. What is your opinion on this? I also struggle with sugar cravings. Which is another reason I thought maybe I have parasites. Ive been doing paleo for about 4 months and don’t feel much better so am thinking of starting AIP. Thanks!

    • says

      I don’t think the SIBO breath test being negative means for absolute you don’t have it. I find false negatives. A lot of people have that feedback about the parasites and those tests. If you had two…well it give good information that you don’t but again, I don’t believe in absolutes, so yes it is possible from my view the tests may not have caught parasites. BUT you dr. can compare that to you wbc’s on lab work too, and find the pattern of parasites which is easy to do. Anxiety and depression can be linked strongly to other physiological things like thyroid. And the bloating is its own issue that may not be related to parasites at all. I find MANY people don’t feel great on Paleo or AIP with autoimmunity and/or physiological dysfunction happening. There is a weird thing happening in the AIP world where somehow a belief that diet alone can be enough. I find that is almost never the case. The problem is more (in my opinion) that there are not good practitioners out there that can REALLY look at physiology and correct that along with the diet. So sorry this has been a struggle for you! -jessica

      • Julie says

        Thanks for the info. I am 99% positive I have an autoimmune condition. I have history of supplements working for me at first or at first having an amazing positive result and then not working or turning into a reaction. I am fine when it comes to eating- no reactions there. But I can’t even use DoTerra essential oils…because they work at first and then the reaction starts. Same with lemon water..recently started drinking it in the morning and felt great then the reaction starts. I used to have the same reaction with supplements but then my doc figured out I need to micro dose and that works with no reaction. But anytime I try to give my body anything good and it’s too much at once I react. It took me one month to get up to 1 tablespoon of fish oil. My naturopath thinks I have autoimmune activity but can’t put her finger on what specifically it is. I can’t afford the $500 test to find out. I have tried numerous diets, GAPS, SCD, PALEO but never AIP. I’ve spent so much money and no results. Its so frustrating! My naturopath is not totally experienced with the AIP diet but she is trying to be. I’m not sure where to go from here. I may try the AIP diet and if no success may contact you to set up an apt. I know diet is not enough on its own so feeling especially frustrated because Ive spent so much money on supplements and just not sure what to do. Anyway, thanks for listening!

        • says

          Julie..I would save up and do the Cyrex Array 5. It is a broad autoimmune array. Money well spent. Depending on what oils or supplements..they could be stimulating your immune system. And, I see a lot of people have to micro-dose. They also may be an emotional/soul/energetic component to your journey the ND has not examined. Keep going! You are getting closer!! Your ND can look more closely at your inflammatory markers too. But I think you can use this bit of information to your advantage “I have history of supplements working for me at first or at first having an amazing positive result and then not working or turning into a reaction” there may be a held belief in that physical trend your body does that no one has paid attention to.
          You are on the right track! Keep moving forward. Break this new ground..I think you are close to uncovering a piece of wisdom for yourself. xx-jessica

          • Julie says

            I’m actually thinking now that I should real get the test. I’m tired of wondering what exactly is happening. Will this test tell me where my body is attacking itself as well as what autoimmune I have? I’m going to look into it.

            Also, I wanted to get your opinion. Do you ever have clients who are on antidepressants that benefit from AIP? I am dealing with a lot in my personal life and was contemplating starting some meds to ease my anxiety while I go through AIP. Just was interested in your thoughts, I know there are certain things you can’t address on here.

            Thanks so much for your replies..I appreciate it so much more than you know!

          • says

            Hi Julie! You are right..I cannot say anything about medications. But let me know what happens if you get any tests! xx-jessica

    • Julie says

      Hi Jessica! I ended up getting the array 5 and it turns out its all brain related…which is what my ND suspected. Ive tried every diet except for AIP and eat really clean! My ND said she does not think diet is my problem but that the answer really is LOVE. We’ve done a lot of other tests and she was serious about trying to make me understand this. She wants me to go down a different route with this and work with essential oils, homeopathics and chinese medicine, acupuncture, meditation etc and just take a handful of basic supplements. I had a really hard time with this and finally accepted that she’s probably right. I have been extremely stressed for along time and sadly I admit that I struggle with self hatred. It’s very painful. But I still want to get your opinion on everything so when I get caught up financially I will probably make an apt. with you. It’s a bummer because I react to things that you would think one would not react to, like essential oils and probiotics. It’s so frustrating. She thinks my stress levels are getting in the way of everything being able to continue working or to work at all. Anyway, just wanted to share. Thx for listening!

      • says

        Julie! I am so touched by this comment and you being so willing to share with others how challenging this is and has been. I also think it is pretty cool your ND suggested love (my fav. form of medicine :-) I am ready to get going pulling the thread of what ails you if you are. Sending so many squeezes and encouragement your way! xx ps.. info@aiplifestyle.com

        • Julie says

          Thanks Jessica! But Im wondering have you ever seen people go from horrible self hatred/extremely low self esteem to really loving themselves? Is that even possible? It feels hopeless right now. It’s something I want more than anything but not sure if I have the strength.

          • says

            Hi Julie! Yes I have, many many times. I would even suggest that the part of you right now that is feeling hopeless may be a good place to start. If you can imagine what the hopeless ‘you’ looks like and really get a good picture in your mind of her and see if you can conjure up some feelings of love and appreciation for her for a few minutes. I always find the very part of me that is ‘failing or doing it wrong or is the most sad’ often feels better when I just love and appreciate it. That doesn’t require strength per say only a part of you that may be willing to give a hug to the hopeless part of yourself struggling. Even those little things really help me. Try it and see what happens! Tell me how it goes. xx-jessica

  150. Gina Cassa says

    I am desperate for some help! My autoimmune diagnosis keep multiplying. I have ulcerative colotis, hoshimoto thyroiditis, rheumatory arthritis, auto immune hepatitis and stage 4 kidney disease. My doctors all seem clueless. Every med they have given me has made me worse such as delzicol and remicade. Now they want me on humira and imuran! I refuse to take these due to the very high likelyhood of developing cancer. I have 2 young girls and i am 41. I right now am not taking any meds and am working out hard daily and feel better then i ever have. I think these meds were all setting me up for destruction. There has got to be a more holistic way to heal my body. Do you know of anyone in Palm Harbor florida or near the Tampa area that can help me? Medical bills over the past 3 years have been overwhelming. Please any advice and guidance is appreciated.

    • says

      Gina! I am so sorry! I have someone for you to see, but they are in Texas. Are you opposed to going there? I really believe they are the best as what you are looking for. I know getting on a plane and traveling is a total hassle, but people fly from all over the world to see this person and I believe they can help you answer the exact questions no one else has. Lets private message about it: info@aiplifestyle.com

  151. christa says

    So, on AIP what do people use for milk? I like milk in tea or smoothies (almond or hemp milk) . What is a warm, creamy drink for the morning when I want more than herbal tea?

  152. Andrew W Sprague says

    “Dynamic diversification of IgA shields bacterial antigens preventing inflammatory responses, but when IgA regulation is suboptimal aberrant bacterial growth and inflammation can ensue.”

    From one of your sources. In the abstract. Does this not suggest you want as many IgA produced as possible?

    “Dysregulation of gut homeostasis in IgA-deficient gut causes a continuous activation of the immune cells and induces inflammatory processes leading to lymphoneogenesis”


    I understand your premise of not introducing any IGA provoking items into your body. But it is simply impossible. Symbiotic Bacteria provoke IgA production. With the diversification of IgA mediated proteins the possibility of 1 IgA being produced in abundance and thus leading to an auto-immune disease.


    My only suggestion is to comment about tailoring the diet to your ethnic background and the historical immune responses that your ancestors most likely received. Anecdotal example of myself. Nearly 75% Northern European descent. I personally think Kefir, Yogurt, and Milk products have created an incredibly good environment for my microbiota. I have no allergies, no auto-immune diseases, I am rarely sick. Obviously an African or Asian person of descent would not have the historical antibodies associated with Cow/Goat/Sheep Milk and I would not recommend it to them. It is my opinion that ignoring historical diets is a huge mistake. It is like providing an out of context meal plan.

    • says

      Andrew! Love your thinking, and you bring up a great point. There will be no Paleo, AIP, low fat, high fat, primal, atkins, vegetarian diets in the future. There will just be individualized diets that we can lab test for. Science has almost progressed us to the point to create individualized diets. I see in the very near future the possibility of one sample of blood looking at genetics, immune system regulation, infections, viruses, physiology and inflammatory markers (including the individuals IgG, IgA and IgM responses to food, chemicals, viruses, bacterial and self tissue). That day is coming quite soon and then all of the people who market a specific diet will no longer be able to dole out the advice they currently do, or rather it will shift drastically to meet personal needs. I think there is also an issue of a big debate over what historical diets are. I see that a bit from anthropologists vs. paleo advocates. And I agree, it is like providing an out of context meal plan. But science is super close to changing that, and I am personally looking forward to taking all the guess work out of what diet is best when that happens.

      • Kristina says

        Hello, Jessica!
        I’ve been looking into the AIP diet for a long time. I have Hashimoto’s and my husband has IBS. This diet has been said to help get the symptoms of both under control. Our problem is money. We’re a family of five with a limit of $400 a month. Do you have any ideas that could help us?

  153. Cherie Holt says

    I have several autoimmune diseases, Stiff Person Syndrome, MS, and now Sjogren’s. I am GAB65 -high and high inflammation. I’m ready to try this diet. I’m taken several supplements . One thing I’m wondering. You say no Flax seed. So I assume that goes for it’s oil too. Yet my Neuro. told me to take it twice a day for the Sjogrens. I don’t eat a lot of fish, and fish oil supplements make me burp a fishy taste. I take coconut oil, will adding olive oil to this be enough Omega 3?

    • says

      Cherie..I don’t think flax oil has enough omega 3 in comparison to omega 6’s. Burping fish oil may be the issue more than the fish oil. I would talk to your health practitioner about that (the burping part) they may be able to resolve that so you can take fish oil -jessica

      • Cherie Holt says

        I live in a small town without much choice in Dr. My rheumatologist told me there was nothing I could take or change in my diet to help me. My Nuro. said no gluten and suggested some supplements & Flax seed oil. My primary is hard to see, she limits me to the practitioner. I’ll research the burping and see if I can find a reason for it. Nothing else bothers me.

  154. ko says

    hi there love this guide going to start aip in a month just wanted to know is onion a nightshade and if not can i eat onion during aip thank you

      • ko says

        lovely that will certainly make my cooking taste better thank you been on it for 2 weeks now and feel a bit restricted and want to have sweet potatoes ( love them ) but am worried about it being a nightshade as it has the same name as potato ( are they even related) and also with honey worried that it may carry gluten or nightshade as they pollinate those flowers sorry about all the questions im just very ocd about these thing and im starting to see some improvements already on aip and dont want to ruin them

  155. Angeline says


    Is flaxseed oil allowed during phase 1? I use it daily for fiber.

    Also, I’ve been Paleo for over a year. Two things I have not given up with the Paleo diet are nuts and chocolate (100% cacao). I see they are not allowed with the AIP diet. I have Hashimoto’s disease and hypothalamic amenorrhea. Do you think strictly following the AIP diet will help me?

  156. Cory says

    Hi! I was wondering if you could help me out with a source for Coconut Kefir, or a similar product. CocoBiotic from Body Ecology seems like a “no” because its ferments come from mung beans, brown rice and quinoa. Trulia’s CocoKefir has stevia. I’m new to AIP so really want to follow the rule exactly… but not 100% what they are in terms of these kinds of products. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

  157. heidi says

    Hi Jessica! I was wondering if yogourmet freeze dried kefir starter is off limits on aip? ingredients are active bacterial culture, lactic yeasts, skim milk powder.

  158. says

    Hi Jessica,

    I’m on day 9 of the AIP diet and I woke up very tired, rundown, heavy head and a bad sore throat…almost like an URI is coming on. Could this be just a coincidence that I’m getting sick or could this be related to something I’m eating since starting to eat AIP?

    • says

      Hi Sonya! I could not say..seems like it could be both scenarios as options. Your doctor should be looped into the mix however if you feel like you may flare…

  159. Heidi says

    Hi Jessica! I just bought a case of Culture Club Kombucha by Reed’s. I looked at the ingredients and now I’m wondering if I can drink it on AIP. Here are the ingredients: Live organic kombucha (spring water, organic cane sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea, kombucha culture), organic hibiscus, organic fresh ginger root, organic pink grapefruit juice. I was thinking cane sugar was off limits, but is anything else? Is the cane sugar ok for some reason? Thanks!

    • says

      cane sugar is not off limits as far as the species (like legumes, grains, nightshades etc). When you drink fermented beverages, you can’t get around them; the bacteria need a food source. So, I don’t get wrapped up in saying no to fermented beverages…unless you noticing it bothering you or you cannot tolerate sugar due to other issues like insulin regulation or blood sugar instability. Hope that helps! -jessica

  160. Abby` says

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful information! Your website is wonderful. I have Alopecia and I just started the AIP lifestyle. I am at week 3 feeling tired, emotional and foggy. Is this normal? My digestion feels great and my hair is growing back in every follicle, so clearly my body is responding well, it is more of my mental state to which I am inquiring.

    Also thoughts on medical cannabis? I do not smoke but I do consume edibles.

    • says

      Hi Abby! So cool to read that you are feeling better and seeing it too!!!! Yay!! I would ask your holistic practitioner about those symptoms just to be sure everything is going smoothly. I don’t have any information about medical cannabis affecting autoimmunity, so could not comment on that one. :-) xxjessica

  161. Chaz says

    Greetings Jessica!

    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2013 and since then I’ve enjoyed about 11 months of remission. I’ve been dealing with a tough flare up bout for past 7 months and its definitely taking a toll on me physically, mentally, and socially. I’ve been on the AIP Diet for almost two weeks now along with my medication and I’ve noticed improvement with my digestion and overall energy.

    I’ve been craving bread a lot, but I know its not allowed on the AIP Diet. Is there anything that I could buy or make that has the same consistency as bread and is also AIP Diet friendly (need a sandwich sometimes)?

    Are there any types of pastas or noodles that are AIP Diet friendly?

    Thanks for all the help!!!

  162. Abby` says

    Hello again Jessica,

    I use cocoa butter for a moisturizer. Is this okay since it is not traveling through the gut? Wondering if it will be a negative response.

    Also are tinctures in alcohol excluded?

    • says

      It may be an individual choice…some are okay on it and some are not. I would say yes to keeping it in (in agreement with your theory) and if you see it become problematic, then take it out. :-)

  163. Juani says

    Hi Jessica
    I have just recently been Diagnosed with Hashi’s. I’ve been telling my Dr for yrs I didn’t feel good have no energy I just can’t function like a normal person. Most of my life I have been told by Dr ‘s that I’m just not normal. When I was 22 I had a kidney stone surgically removed then 6 yrs later a neupractomy 8 days after leaving the hospital I had to be rushed back in because 2 stone had developed in my left kidney and block it where u couldn’t go to the bathroom. Then it continued for 10 more years of making stones and almost losing that kidney before they found it to be the parathyroid cause me to make these stones. My kidney isn’t the best but it still functions and what scares me about the AIP diet is the fact that it is all meat ,vegetables, fruits. Will that cause me to go into ketosis because I’m always told that my body doesn’t need to go into ketosis with me having the one kidney and all the damage it has already sustained. So would you advise this AIP Diet to someone like me. I so want to lose all this weight I have put on over the years when the Dr’s would only run the TSH and T4/T3 test on me and say with my thyroid medsy number were fine when if they would have dug a little deeper would have found that I made no T3 Free and that is why I feel the way I do and am taking NDT trying to get that right.

    • says

      Hi Juani! Yes, you would need to be closely monitored if you did AIP or really any diet as I see it. Did your Dr. test for antibodies to the parathyroid too? Did you test positive for autoimmune hypoparathyroidism? I would think that would be very important to know. It would be incredibly useful to find a practitioner versed in this realm and specializes in helping support autoimmunity by various means (physiology, supplements etc) along with a closely monitored AIP-like diet. Hope that helps! xx-jessica

  164. Juani says

    Thanks Jess I’m having trouble getting a Dr to test anything I ask of them. I wish there were a list of Dr in our area that really cared about people with thyroid problems the Endo’s in our area most deal mainly with diebetics.

  165. Annemarie Reissner says

    Thank you so much for this great information! I was just diagnosed with leaky gut, after receiving a diagnosis of Eosinophilc Esophagitis; I had been choking on food and feeling like my throat was closing. I also suffer from autoimmune diseases (hasimotos, exzema) and adrenal fatigue (as well as chronic migraines, fatigue, etc). The doctor suggested a special rice protein shake with glutamine and insulin to repair my gut, and an elimination diet. After a month on the elimination diet, I have identified food sensitivities to the following;
    -Lectins (all grains)
    -high FODMAP foods
    The elimination diet has greatly improved my symptoms, but since I have to eliminate so many items, I can no longer use the medical rice protein for my shake. Can I use Pea Protein Powder as a safe substitute, given my food sensitivities above? I’m having such a hard time finding a protein powder that is Lectin & Dairy free, as well as low FODMAP.
    Thank you!

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