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The beautiful Harbin Hot springs!

The Loving Diet & AIP Workshop!

  A perfect retreat for those on the Autoimmune Protocol looking to move deeper into what ails them through The Loving Diet … [Read More...]


The Gift of SIBO

  SIBO is not the enemy. It is part of the cure. If ever there was a buzz word in the AIP world, SIBO is officially the current star. In this … [Read More...]


Be As Radical In Your Forgiving As You Are In Your Loving

Forgiveness and loving are the foundations of health, abundance and joy. Both are intertwined with one another for our benefit, and both are the basis … [Read More...]


Pumpkin Parfaits

Who doesn't love a great pumpkin dessert? I made these the night before a little dinner party I was having, and wanted to make something that no one … [Read More...]

zucchini cheese

7 Ways to Make Illness Work For You & Zucchini Cheese

  Zen Proverb: The Obstacle Is The Path   How much do you dislike your disease VS. how much it has the potential to bring joy to you … [Read More...]


Importance of Sadness

  “It’s not the tears we cry that hurt us, but the ones we struggle not to cry, for they drip within our sad and weary hearts.” … [Read More...]


Blueberry Bacon Bars & Allowing

The universe is smart down to the last quark, nano and ray of light. Not one atom is out of place in our lives. This is the theory behind 'Trusting … [Read More...]


When You Don’t Get Better On The AIP Diet

I hear this quite a bit on Autoimmune Paleo social media: "I am not feeling as good as I want on the AIP diet". Maybe you feel marginally better? Or … [Read More...]

photo-20 copy

Autoimmune Adventures Podcast!

I was so very fortunate to meet Julie Stiles, who is a Health and Transformation Coach in the Bay Area. She has recently started The Autoimmune … [Read More...]

Looking at my photos from any Cabo trip always is a pick-me-up!

My Personal 10 Pick-Me-Ups

    We all have those days. Either too full, too stressful, too know just 'too' of something. I have little pressure valves … [Read More...]


Braised Artichokes with Crab and Cultured Ghee

    As you all know, I love Cultured Ghee. This ghee is different than regular ghee which can contain traces of lactose and casein. … [Read More...]


Strawberry Balsamic Mousse

I have gotten quite good at eating out while also AIP. The one thing that I almost never order however is dessert. It is darn near impossible to find … [Read More...]