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Favorites List

  I love Favorites' Lists!  Below is a list I have gathered that include some things I am feeling inspired by right now. Some useful and … [Read More...]


Illness as Tranformation

Consider all that makes up your life. The family members, where you live, relationships, career, spiritual practice and your health to name a few. Add … [Read More...]


German Sweet Potato Salad

Lets get ready for summer! This week it has been almost 80 degrees here in Northern California! I am so excited that I have pulled out my sandals this … [Read More...]


Loving Autoimmune Disease

Do you remember what your first thoughts were when you were diagnosed with your autoimmune disease? It may have been disbelief, anger, relief, fear, … [Read More...]


Salmon Bacon Burgers

I have a food sensitivity to salmon. Back when I went to Bastyr in the late 90's (I just really dated myself! ha!) I would eat salmon cream cheese on … [Read More...]

Orange Scented Plantain Bites

Orange Scented Plantain Bites

A perfect Autoimmune Paleo Sweet Snack! Plantains are known to be a great binder, dessert maker and banana alternative for those of us on AIP. But … [Read More...]

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Why I let my Clients have Cultured Ghee on AIP

After spending months on AIP with only a few reintroductions and a feeling that something was missing, I was introduced to cultured ghee. Because I … [Read More...]

Chopped Cabbage Salad

Chopped Cabbage Salad

I love a good chopped salad. It is the ultimate "I am a salad but I taste like a meal" kind of dish. A chopped salad done right, can hit all the … [Read More...]

AIP BBQ Chicken and Sauce

BBQ Chicken and Sauce!

If you miss BBQ Sauce raise your hand. I am raising both of my hands actually. The flavor profile of BBQ is so hard to re-create! No tomatoes, no … [Read More...]

AIP Salted Caramel ice Cream

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Autoimmune Paleo Salted Caramel Ice Cream I bought an ice cream maker this weekend and of course I have been tinkering with it. I love/hate ice cream … [Read More...]


Arugula Parsnip Soup with Spring Onions

Arugula Parsnip Soup with Spring Onions The first of the spring onions were at the co-op this week. If you are wondering what spring onions are, … [Read More...]


Fresh Turmeric Spinach with Avocado and Kumquats

  Fresh Turmeric Spinach with Avocado and Kumquats This was lunch today. It was not a really fancy dish, but I wanted to share it with you … [Read More...]